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WU Program and Tool Evaluation Purpose Essay

WU Program and Tool Evaluation Purpose Essay

Question Description

I’m working on a writing report and need support to help me understand better.

This is a continuation of what you have already done Part 1 & 2!

Part 3: Evaluation Tool

Write 1–2 pages that include the following:

  • Arationale for each of the quality indicators you selected for yourevaluation tool. Be sure to support your rationales with programinformation, goals, and data as well as research.
  • An explanationof the validity and reliability of your identified, measurable criteriaand how they will accurately evaluate the effectiveness of theidentified quality indicators
  • An explanation of the program evaluation research that supports the way you created your tool

Attach your Program Evaluation Tool as Appendix A of your Course Project paper.

Part 4: Action Plan

Write 1–2 pages that include the following:

  • Describe how your action plan will support your program evaluation.
  • Explainhow you will continue with the ongoing program evaluation, includinghow you will collect data, interpret results, modify action steps, anddisseminate the information to other stakeholders.
  • Describe how this process can create meaningful change that will increase the effectiveness of your identified program.

Attach your Action Plan as Appendix B of your Course Project paper.

BelowI have attached the first portion of the paper parts 1 & 2 alsoreference labeled henson along with two action plan samples provided bythe teacher

To prepare:

  • Review theGiancola (2014) resource and read the Jayaratne (2016) and Henson (2016)articles in the Learning Resources. Reflect on the process of preparingfor and developing the tools and plans needed for an effective programevaluation.
  • Review the evaluation tools highlighted by thismodule’s Learning Resources and research other possible evaluation toolsthat would fit the needs of your specialization.
    • Develop a draftof an evaluation tool to measure the effectiveness of your identifiedprogram using at least three of the quality indicators you identified inPart 2 of your Course Project in Module 3.
    • Reflect on themeasurable criteria for each indicator. What would it look like to beperforming at the highest level on this indicator? What would it looklike to be emerging or lacking on this indicator?
  • Reviewthe Action Plan templates in this module’s Learning Resources andresearch other possible templates that would fit the needs of yourspecialization. Develop an action plan for how to implement your programevaluation tool in the future. Include the following in your actionplan and add to it as you see fit for your program:
    • Program goals
    • Action steps to meet those goals
    • Who will complete the action steps?
    • When will the action steps be completed?
    • Resources need to complete the action steps
    • Data collection to inform the action step
    • I got this feedback from my professor on what my paper should say.
    • Ithink you are looking at quality indicators as evaluators, but they arenot evaluators. They are statements of what needs to happen in aprogram in order for the program to be a quality program. A while ago Isent an email to everyone explaining what quality indicators are. Forexample, if a library needed more people to borrow its books, one of thequality indicators for that library could be: Patrons of the librarywill borrow 30% more books at the end of the school year than last yearat the end of the school year. Therefore, the quality indicator, isstating that a certain number of books need to be borrowed in order tobe a quality program. For the evaluation of the indicator: Anadministrator will use a quantitative method to evaluate the qualityindicator. The administrator will compare last school year with the endof this school year to see if there have been 305 more books borrowed. Itried to create quality indicators. Please see below:
      1.100%of the students who will be in the program will be signed up for theappropriate program by the middle of the first month of school.Evaluation : An administrator will go over the list to make sure eachchild that needs to be in the program has signed up and is in theappropriate program.2. By the middle of thefirst month of school, the children in the program will be given all thematerials needed to excel in the program. Evaluation: The administratorwill go over the materials provided to make sure all the materials eachchild needs has been provided.

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