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WU Leadership & Social Work in Activity Oriented Non Profit Organizations Discussion

WU Leadership & Social Work in Activity Oriented Non Profit Organizations Discussion

Question Description

I’m working on a psychology discussion question and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

Respond to at least two colleagues in at least one of the following ways:

  • Expand upon an idea in your colleague’s post.
  • Suggest an additional strategy for fundraising and explain why your strategy might be effective.
  • Be sure to use references when responding

DB 1 Kylie-

Description of Budget

Project Open Hand Atlanta is proposing a service for HIV/AIDS patients that provides meal delivery to patients. The organization is requesting $45,000 to fund this program over a 1-year term. The total cost of the program is $6,469,041. The other forms of funding will be provided by various federal and local government, foundations, private agencies, corporate, contracted services, and in-kind goods.

Altering the Budget

Within the budgeting outline, there was not any indication of intention to pay staff members. if staff are being paid for their services as opposed to volunteer work, this will need to be implemented into the budget plan. Additionally, I would suggest adding donations into the budget (LeRoux, 2009, p 168). The organization may benefit substantially if they set a goal for donations from individuals or companies. Donations will not have to be paid back or have services reciprocated.

Fundraising to Meet Priorities

Fundraising entails identifying assets, developing a case statement, setting goals, creating an action plan, implementing the plan, and evaluating the plan (Candid, n.d.). There are many great ways to fundraise. For this particular organization, they may want to consider community events such as bowling, raffles with desirable prizes, and carnivals. Holding fundraisers that are interactive tend to bring in more money for the organization and gives the opportunity for the community to enjoy themselves.


Bowman, W. (2011). Financial capacity and sustainability of ordinary nonprofits. Nonprofit Management & Leadership, 22(1), 37–51.

Candid. (n.d.). Introduction to fundraising planning [Video file]. Retrieved from:

LeRoux, K. (2009). Managing Stakeholder Demands: Balancing Responsiveness to Clients and Funding Agents in Nonprofit Social Service Organizations. Administration & Society, 41(2), 158–184.

DB 2 Lukisha-

Post a brief description of the budget presented in the grant proposal you selected.

The grant proposal that I selected was Outdoor Exploration(OE). Outdoor Explorations is an organization for people with disabilities. This organization works to allow people with disabilities to be able to live their life to the fullest. OE also has been able to provide indoor and after-school programs for children. In the proposal, they requested $70,000 over a two-year span for the development and implementation to be able to expand or grow the clients that they are serving. The OE organization is about to be maxed out of all of its programs which are life-enhancing adventure trips for youth and adults, explorers after-school programs, outdoor inclusivity training, and wild works community service projects.

Describe how you might alter the budget after the grant ended or which budget items you would prioritize as you sought additional funding to continue the program

The items as far as staff would be prioritized because without funds you can not pay your staff and without staff, the organization can not run effectively. During the expansion, the staff will be important because they will have to be the ones to make sure that when everything is finished the facility is up and running how it should be. I also would have to add supplies and things of that nature to make sure the after-school program has what it needs. I have to say that is something that I did not see in the proposal as far as funds for supplies or trips for the clients. These changes would be effective because when it comes to requesting funding organizations want to make sure that the money is going to utilize in the correct way and not including staff as part of the budget would be questionable.

When it comes to fundraising there are several things that can be done to reach budget goals. You can sell bbq plates. I know for my son’s AAU travel basketball team we sell bbq plates, car wash tickets or they do their own carwash and now people are starting to do the Krispy Kreme fundraising. With this program being focused on helping the community these ideas will be a few that I would suggest as fundraising.


Cover Letter from Outdoor Explorations to the Carl and Ruth Shapiro Family Foundation

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