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Walden University Parent Agreement About Sexuality Communication Responses

Walden University Parent Agreement About Sexuality Communication Responses

Question Description

I’m working on a psychology discussion question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

Respond to two of your colleague’s postings in one or more of the following ways:

  • Ask a probing question.
  • Share an insight gained from having read your colleague’s posting.
  • Offer and support an opinion.
  • Make a suggestion.
  • Expand on your colleague’s posting.
  • Be sure to use references in your response

DB 1 Sara

Post a brief description of the sex and sexuality case study you selected (Case 1 or Case 2). Loretta is a 17-year-old white female. She is a student in a partial-day treatment center focusing on vocational and social skill development. Loretta reports having a wide range of disabilities due to a brain injury she suffered as a toddler in addition to specific learning disabilities in writing and reading. Over the past six months, Loretta decided she enjoys sex and has been having sexual contact at the treatment center and home in the evenings and on the weekends. Loretta’s parents are concerned as they are worried about her sexual safety, potential pregnancy, STD and the behavior is outside their comfort zone. They’ve attempted to give consequences such as lectures, grounding her, threats, and punishments but Loretta continues to not see anything wrong with her behavior. She associates with sex more than offsets the consequences. She is also oblivious to the consequences of STD and pregnancies. (Child and Adolescent Counseling Cases)

Then, identify two potential parent/guardian, school, or community values related to sex, sexuality, or sexual identity that might adversely affect the child or adolescent, and explain how. Media influences sexuality in adolescents which includes music, television, and the internet which can adversely affect Loretta. (Kar, 2015, pg. 71). Media plays an influential role in adolescents and they see media as something that validates their feelings or can be the influence towards certain beliefs and values. Media shows sexuality as something to flaunt and to engage in as it can increase popularity or is a normal part of life. As much as sexuality being part of life is true, if the consequences are also not discussed, it can create consequences such as STDs or unwanted pregnancy. It was also discussed that a lack of awareness and improper sex education is an important reason for unprotected sex in adolescents and most schools, formal sex education does not exist. This in turn can lead to unprotected sex, unintended pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases.

Explain one way you might support the child or adolescent in the case study. One way to support Loretta during this time is to have a very open and candid discussion regarding sexual health. If we can have an open discussion as to sexual health then we can begin to also dive into talking about what being sexually active means for her. This helps to identify areas where she is potentially trying to seek attention, feel accepted, or her way of feeling loved. Once we can determine what the sexualized behavior is doing for her, we can proceed with the next steps to target that behavior or that need. It’s also important too for us to have discussions with the parents around proper ways to work with sexualized behaviors as she is 17 and is at an age where if you push, she will just push back twice as hard and act out even more.

Finally, explain one way you would ensure that your personal values would not interfere with the counseling process. Be specific and use examples to illustrate your points. One way to ensure that my personal values are not interfering with the counseling process would be to discuss any personal values I feel are conflicting with my sessions during my supervision. This allows me a safe place to process that with my supervisor and to work out a plan of action so that my personal values are not interfering. If I am able to work through any personal values that I may be recognized as interfering in my practice, then I can be present at the moment and help Loretta as much as possible in ways that she wants help. For example, if my personal values were that as long as she is practicing safe sex that she is ok to do so, her parents may feel that sexualized behaviors are not appropriate until marriage no matter what. I would then need to speak with my supervisor on how to work with Loretta and her family through this while keeping my personal values aside. You can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped. I think it’s also important to remember that we are here for the client and assist the client in being safe, healthy, and happy.

Child and Adolescent Counseling Cases: Sex, Sexuality, and Substance Abuse (PDF)

Kar, S. K., Choudhury, A., & Singh, A. P. (2015). Understanding normal development of adolescent sexuality: A bumpy ride. Journal of Human Reproductive Sciences, 8(2), 70-74). Retrieved from…

DB 2 Yuri

Loretta is a 17-year-old white female. She is a student in a partial day treatment. She has a wide range of disabilities related to a brain injury that she sustained while she was a toddler. She is described as being a hard worker, reputable and with a positive attitude. Lately Loretta has decided she likes sex. She has been caught having sexual contact at the treatment center and also at home in the evenings and on the weekends. Her parents are concerned for her behavior and that it can cause sexually transmitted disease, potential pregnancy and her safety.

Loretta can have difficulties with her sexuality because her parents do not understand what is going on. They also are not able to speak to her about her sexuality. They have tried punishing her but that has not worked. The attitude of the parents toward sexuality, parenting style, peer relationship, cultural influences are the important social factors which facilitates the sexual learning and decides the sexual attitude of the adolescent. (Kar, 2015) It could be helpful if the parents had some classes about sexuality and how to speak to their daughter. It can be helpful if they all address the sexuality together it can help if they attend therapy to address it.

The school can also help address the issues of sexuality with Loretta. They could give her some sex education or resources that are needed. Lack of proper sex education often leads to unprotected sex, unintended pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases. (Kar, 2015) At times school may not be as supportive or understand what students are going through. It can be important for them to have the support they need from school counselors as well.

A way that I would want to be supportive with Loretta would be by offering her resources such as therapy, sending her for sex education and also support group for teenagers. It can be beneficial for her to have the support of other teenagers that are going through the same things as her. Sex education can be helpful to ensure that Loretta knows of appropriate ways to ensure her safety. I would want to ensure that I do not let my personal values interfere with my work with Loretta. It would be my responsibility to remain professional and ensure that I am helping Loretta the most that I can and that I am being supportive of her.

Kar, S. K., Choudhury, A., & Singh, A. P. (2015). Understanding normal development of adolescent sexuality: A bumpy ride. Journal of Human Reproductive Sciences, 8(2), 70-74. Retrieved from…

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