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Walden University Opioid Abuse Disorder Treatment and Management Discussion

Walden University Opioid Abuse Disorder Treatment and Management Discussion

Question Description

I’m working on a nursing discussion question and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

I need an answer for the text posted below. the answer needs to be 200 words long and include at least 2 references. Thanks

The first opportunity I found that I could actively participate in helping with the policy making would be bill H.R. 7124 that was introduced in 2018. H.R. 7124 also known as the Keeping All Students Safe Act, this bill essentially prevents and prohibits the use of seclusion and prevents or reduces the use of physical restraints in schools (United States Congress, 2018). As a nurse I believe I could help to form education in ways to de-escalate situations that would lead to the use of seclusion or restraints that could be set up as a teaching model in schools for all schools to follow. I believe that one challenge to this program would be getting and keeping staff trained and keeping the staff on the same page. Lack of training in crisis areas and lack of guidelines to stick by make matters worse when there is a crisis with a student (Ryan et al., 2007, p. 8). One could look at overcoming these challenges by implementing the initial training for school staff and requiring that federally funded schools show evidence of monthly training and planning for crisis situations if ever audited. One strategy I could use to better advocate for this program would be to team up with other mental health professionals and medical professionals to find ways to make the training feasible and relevant to todays world and show law makers that this is a needed policy to advocate for their time being put into.

The second opportunity that I could actively participate in as an APRN would be the introduced bill H.R. 2067, from March 2021. Bill H.R. 2067 is a revision of the Controlled Substance Act that requires all controlled drug prescribers to complete training on managing and treating patients with opioid and/or other substance abuse disorders (United States Congress, 2021). I believe a big challenge would be to mandate that every provider across the United States to have this education. According to the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (2020) in 2019 there were 290,000 licensed nurse practitioners in the United States. With that number of nurse practitioners, physicians, and physician assistants it would be a very hard program to implement. There is the possibility that when the provider goes to renew their DEA license, they would have to complete an online training module first before the renewal was made possible. Another way to look at implementing such a law would be to grandfather in all existing DEA number holders and require the education for new registrations. I believe that one strategy I would use would be to get the support of current rehab providers to help implementing the education and the need for such a program, especially since they see the effects of the controlled drug crisis we have. Another strategy that would work well in the policy making aspect would be to have an advocacy group of past users and family members that have gone through rehab or loss with a loved one to help influence law makers to see that this kind of education could help save a life or possibly keep it on the right track.


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