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University of Southern California Pediatric Behavioral Healthcare Discussion

University of Southern California Pediatric Behavioral Healthcare Discussion

Question Description

I’m working on a health & medical discussion question and need support to help me learn.

Please write a discussion and respond to this 2 peers’ Discussion Prompts


You’ve been asked to create a sales presentation about a chemical dependency program to the employee assistance professional of a large company.

  • What might the presentation look like if you use the stimulus-response approach?
  • Respond to at least two (2) of your classmates’ or instructor’s posts
  • ALL citations and references needs to be APA 7th edition format. THANK YOU!

Peer# 1

Let’s start with what the stimulus-response approach is. Basically, it’s a manipulative way to get the prospective consumer to buy your product by asking questions that provoke a specific answer. This is done through what is called a “canned presentation” (Berkowitz, 2010). This approach is highly effective “where the decision issues are relatively simple and similar” (Berkowitz, 2010).

Applying this approach to the chemical dependency scenario, I would first of all be in charge of the presentation, showing a lot of confidence and “dominant energy.” My presentation would definitely include a lot of statistics about drug and alcohol statistics—the percentage of “users” in the world, then those in the healthcare industry, and finally those in “larger medical facilities.” This would create the prospect to wonder how many of the employees in their facility use/abuse drugs and alcohol. Then, I would explain my program and how it targets larger facilities. I think that is the key here; making sure the prospect understands that because this company is so big, it is imperative that there be a program that confronts this topic of discussion. It might be helpful to provoke a thought that the prospect is responsible for the employees going down this path as well. Then I might mention that it can’t be helped and that it’s not their fault (though they will feel responsible at this point) and the only sensible option is to create an assistance program to help these closeted employees with their struggles—particularly, the one I am selling to them. Closing the presentation would include “the necessity” of this program in their company, circling back to making the prospect feel accountable and, in a way, guilty if the program isn’t developed within the company’s borders. I would show the prospect how easy it is to start the program here, and also showcase some positive feedback and statistical results that I have received through other companies that have gone through the program as well.

Peer# 2

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Berkowitz (2010) defined the stimulus-response sales approach as saying the right thing (stimulus), in order to get a favorable reaction from the consumer/buyer (response). This could be through a persuasive presentation that makes the audience want the product. For example, you can be at a festival where there are multiple people outside dancing. It is 100 degrees outside and the promoter starts describing the ice-cold beverage they had earlier. Explaining the taste and feel of the cup and multiple people might go stand in line for the product now. Since the drink is the stimuli while the response is overcrowded people going to get the beverage. To obtain this, one has to know their target audience and how to manipulate the situation.

If I was giving the chance to create a sales presentation about a chemical dependency program to the employee assistance professional of a large company using a stimulus-response approach this is what I would do.

To open my presentation, I will showcase a testimony of a past client (HIPAA protection). This will appeal to the companies emotion. I will have the client discuss what led them to the facility, then discuss how the treatment benefited them. I will then present facts and figures to the company regarding the dependency usages of employees in big corporations. The figures will list statistics of chemical dependency programs and how they benefit workers and helped the company. I will then go into an interactive session, by asking common questions. The first question will be an ice breaker to make the executives comfortable. When I see the executives are comfortable, I will ask if the company likes their employees? When they respond yes I will say so don’t you think you should add a chemical dependency program to the employee assistance program? (Giving them a guilty feeling). I will follow by going over the chemical dependency program I am offering and how “easy” It is to show employees you care about them. Closing with facts and figures regarding the program and “name dropping” competitors that utilize the services.

Overall, I believe this strategy is a bit manipulative and tries to appeal to emotions to gain a response. To market, I will research the company and use what is found to appeal to emotion to get the stimuli to gain my desired response.

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