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UCLA West Erie Street from The Renaissance Society Photographic Portfolio Essay

UCLA West Erie Street from The Renaissance Society Photographic Portfolio Essay

Question Description

I’m working on a art writing question and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

I’m working on a art writing question and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

Art Criticism – FIELD TRIP REPORT – Museum Visit Paper- ART 110 His of Photography

Please read carefully. You are required to select two photographs to compare and contrast in an analytical and historical context.

Art Criticism

The process of art criticism involves description, formal analysis, interpretation, and value judgment. The first step is to put into words a description of what you see, then formally analyzing the visual elements and principles of design. Next, subjectively interpret (hopefully with new insight) what the content is, taking into account style. Finally, judging, and going beyond prejudging to discernment, the work of art being studied; what do you think the artist’s intentions were? Was this communicated? Does it have value? Can you recognize the aesthetic quality in the work? Additionally, biographical or historical information should be offered. Therefore, education and evaluation help to creatively critique a work of art.

Responses to artworks based on value judgment alone are not necessarily based on comprehension but simple subjectivity. As it states in the book Artforms (2009), “If we close our eyes and minds to new work that is hard to understand, we will miss the opportunity to learn from fresh insights.”

Select an Art Gallery or Museum

Select two photographs that you can compare and contrast – the photographs selected are from 2 different areas in chicago

Describe each work as carefully as possible, using all the skills of description you have learned. Describe the medium, technique, period, subject, and treatment of the subject.

Explain the reason you selected these two works. Are there any connections between them? If not, how are they completely different?

General Requirements

Your paper should be at least 2 pages long, double-spaced, with 1” margins. These pages do not include photos, title page, bibliography, etc. Type size should not exceed 12 points. Your paper should be 600-700 words minimum and should include an introduction and a conclusion. Include the title information in a separate paragraph preceding your discussion of the piece. Proofread your paper, grammar and spelling count, spell check doesn’t catch everything!

You must use at least two sources. Research can come from the Internet and from books on art history, religion, and mythology. Please use at least two reputable Internet sources for your paper.

Submit your papers: Papers will be submitted through the course Drop box located in Canvas.

Some things to consider in your comparison.

1. IDENTIFICATION: Select two photographs. You may select pieces that you like or dislike. Include the descriptive information provided; Artist, title, medium, year, etc. Write down your initial responses to the piece. How do you respond to the work? Do they invoke an emotional response? What do you think the artist was trying to communicate? It is helpful to bring a notebook to record your responses.

2. DESCRIBE the piece. Look at them CAREFULLY. What do you see? Note all the details about the work. How would you describe it to a blind person, or to someone you were talking to on the phone, who can’t see it?

3. ANALYZE Think about the relationship between form, content and subject matter in your analysis. This will be helpful in your ‘interpretation’ of the work. Use the terminology you have learned in class. Your analysis should be based your own observations while viewing the work.

4. INTERPRETATION Follow your analysis with a subjective interpretation of the meaning of the work. How does the work make you feel? What do you think the content is? Go beyond “I like it” or “I don’t like it.”

5. ADDITIONAL RESEARCH the artist. Historical and biographical information on the artist often provides clues into a works context and its intended meaning.

6. VALUE JUDGEMENT. What do you think the artist’s intentions were? Was this communicated? Does it have value? Can you recognize the aesthetic quality in the work?……

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