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Taft College Code of the Street Criminal Justice Essay

Taft College Code of the Street Criminal Justice Essay

Question Description

I’m working on a criminal justice discussion question and need support to help me understand better.

Part 1:300 word response not including the Question please

Part 2 & 3: 100 word responses

Part 1: Do you think that Anderson’s Code of the Streets exists outside of Philadelphia in one form or another? Why or why not? Do you personally know of any other similar types of codes that may exist in other cities/neighborhoods? If so, how are those codes similar or different? If not, how do you imagine they might be similar or different? Without going into too much detail, have you ever engaged in code-switching? Why and in what circumstances (you DO NOT need to provide detail about any bad behavior you may, or may not, have engaged in)? How much do you think code-switching occurs in the real world? In your opinion, is code-switching a good thing or a bad thing? Why?

Part 2: I believe that delinquent behavior causes delinquent friends. Some theories discussed previously talk about how people engage in criminal activity because of the place they live. These places cause people to engage in criminal activity creating delinquent behaviors. When a person starts to behave in criminal ways they than attract others who are just like them and who behave in those ways. It can be the same with the people who do not commit any crimes. For example when a person starts to help others they attract more giving and caring people than people who do not care. For me personally, when I was a teenager I engaged in some delinquent behavior which attract others just like me, but slowly I started changing those behaviors and those who were once close to me left because my lack of engaging in certain behaviors.

Determining whether people are more tabula rasa then hedonistic is kind of difficult because I believe we are a little bit of both. Yes, I agree we are born tabula rasa; we are born a clean slate. I also believe that the most of us are hedonistic. When we are born we are free from any good or bad doings. As we grow we start to learn good things and bad things from our caretakers. They are the ones who teach us what is good or wrong, and we learn them also by observing. During our growth we also seek or engage in what makes us happy and avoid painful things. As babies we seek pleasure from food, hugs, toys and other things. If I had to choose one though I would argue that people are more hedonistic.

Although Differential Association Theory assumes tabula Rasa, I liked this theory the best this week. I agree with everything about this theory; not everyone agrees on what is acceptable, people have different definitions on what is acceptable, and everyone engages in criminal activity not just the poor. I think that social learning theories are strong enough to be considered general theories because it has shown that predictors of criminal behaviors is who you associate yourself with, your friend and family.

Part 3: 1. I would say that I agree that delinquent friends cause delinquent behavior because its often a cycle of peer pressure. Kids and teenagers are most impressionable during these ages so they are willing to follow in others footsteps to fit in. I also agree with this because I was the same way with my group of friends. Once on friend in the group did something “delinquent” they would make it seem cool to the rest of the group and they would follow along. I do have to say that there were different behaviors that I was willing to engage in to fit in. I would say that was based on my own morals and self control I have to not do anything I was against.

2. Humans are more tabula rasa because society is just one big community of people trying to be accepted into the norm. Yes, there are the “rebels” and people who reject the social norms but they too are also following a different group. I would also label myself as more tabula rasa because I am a college student getting an education to move up the ladder in life to be financially stable just as millions of other people. There is a pressure to be successful in America and in many peoples eyes, college is the way to do that. Although the notion that you need college to be successful is becoming a less popular American opinion. Either way, I feel that this supports my belief that humans are inherently more tabula rasa because I am part of that group.

3. Social learning theories are strong enough to be considered general theories of crime because people have proven it time and time again. For example, Gangs in America, kids grow up seeing their siblings/cousins get roped into that life and begin to think they too want to be in that life and follow in their siblings footsteps. Akers social learning theory is a good explanation because it states that there is differential reinforcement in the way humans learn deviant behavior. Positive reinforcement which is rewarding certain behaviors. This can be related to gangs as mentioned above, gang members earn status through committing crimes/assaults and therefor are rewarded.

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