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St Thomas University Week 7 Health Promotion & Disease Prevention Discussion

St Thomas University Week 7 Health Promotion & Disease Prevention Discussion

Question Description

I’m working on a nursing discussion question and need an explanation to help me learn.

  • You should respond to your peers by extending, refuting/correcting, or adding additional nuance to their posts.
  • All replies must be constructive and use literature where possible.

Case Study One

Natacha Milfort

Health Hazards Faced by Migrants

Several factors hinder good health care access and wellbeing from migrants. One of the common health hazards is poor access to health services. Many immigrants are smuggled into the country with the hope of getting good jobs. Still, they have trouble accessing health services due to their immigration status (Alegría, Álvarez & DiMarzio, 2017). Also, most of the jobs migrants get when they enter the country do not accord them good living conditions, which can lead to infectious diseases caused by overcrowding, poor sanitation, and hygiene. Another common health hazard is the exploitation of migrant workers for their labor. Employers can hire migrants and pay them below the acceptable minimum wage. Migrants rarely retaliate since their illegal status limits their job opportunities—employers who are prosecuted pay meager fines and penalties, which further enhances the damaging practice.

Recommendations to Improve Immigrants’ Health

Concerning the above-described hazards, I would offer several recommendations to promote good health among migrants. One of them is to avoid immigration through illegal means and wait for legal opportunities to accord them better benefits in the country. For the existing migrants, I would suggest community health education programs provide them with knowledge on disease prevention. Community Outreach programs directly influence the incidence, occurrence, and spread of communicable diseases at the community level (Alegría, Álvarez & DiMarzio, 2017). Also, I would recommend maintaining healthy lifestyles that do not require much money, for example, balanced diets and regular exercise. For those who are already ill, I would suggest seeking medical attention from non-governmental organizations, among others that do not require payment for health services.

Advising Young Adults About Contraception

There are several factors I would consider if I were to advise youth on contraception. First, I would begin by creating a conducive environment for open discussions, such as one where there is safety and privacy, preferably without adult supervision. Afterward, I would recommend contraception ranging from the safest, which is abstinence, through the riskiest, which comprises hormonal methods. Providing detailed, accurate information is crucial to making informed decisions on contraception among the youth (Dee et al., 2017). I do not think that I have personal biases which would interfere with my ability to advise this group. I am aware that my role is to educate and inform based on my existing knowledge. The decision-making lies with each of the listeners.

An Effective Smoking Cessation Plan

People must take a series of steps whenever they want to quit a smoking addiction; the first step is to accept the reality of the current situation and the possible repercussions if the habit continues. Acceptance or admittance is a sign of self-awareness that must exist before behavior change is conceived and eventually achieved (Miller, Forcehimes & Zweben, 2019). Next is to develop a strategy that comprises the quit date and the actions that will facilitate quitting, for example, avoiding pubs or shops where they buy cigarettes. Afterward, I would recommend shaving a smoking aid or substitute which the person can use whenever they feel the urge to smoke, such as chewing gum. I would recommend finding an online or physical support group that is instrumental to sustainability and motivation for the course they have begun. Next is to develop new habits that will help them replace the old ones. For example, instead of spending mornings in their smoking zones, they can join an early gym class.

Impact of Poverty on Older Adults

Poverty can cause much physical harm, including a high incidence of diseases. Disease contraction develops due to inadequate access to health services and a prolonged poor living standard. Poverty conditions can cause high levels of stress as older adults strive to make ends meet. High stress levels affect mental and physical wellbeing. I would recommend that older adults find small jobs that can help them meet their needs and follow up on government-sponsored benefits for people their age.


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