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SOWK 381 CC Client Smoking Condition & Quitting Smoking Interview Process Discussion

SOWK 381 CC Client Smoking Condition & Quitting Smoking Interview Process Discussion

Question Description

I’m working on a writing project and need an explanation to help me understand better.

The purpose of this assignment is to provide students with an opportunity to utilize a variety of Motivational Interviewing skills, to receive feedback from a simulated client, and to practice written case recording methods. 1. Please select a friend or other acquaintance for this interview assignment. Your “client” is to discuss with you some sort of behavior change where they have ambivalence, such as diet, exercise, quitting smoking, excessive alcohol use, whether to go to graduate school, etc. Please make sure you select someone who is talkative and that the issue they pick is serious enough so that you can interview them for at the minimum 20 minutes. You may go longer. You caniscuss the selected behavior with me ahead of time if you would like. Be sure to at least cover the 3 processes of Engage, Focus, Evoke and then Planning if you get there. You should plan on spending at least 5 minutes in the engagement phase.2. After the interview is over, ask the “client” to fill out the Client Evaluation of MI scale. Ask for honesty in filling this out. Review the form with your client and discuss their responses/feedback. 2. You are to videotape or audiotape this interview. Make sure your interviewee has signed the consent form that you will keep. Remind them that the tape is completely anonymous and you will destroy the tape as soon as you transcribe it. Please change the person’s name and identifying information for the transcripts.3. Please transcribe the tape using the coding form. Include BOTH your statements and those of your interviewee. Type them out completely. Make sure you identify who is the social worker (SW) and “client” (C). Identify the behavior change that was the focus of your interview.4. Code your (SW) statements/questions using the coding system we have used in the past. Based on your coding, fill out the MITI feedback form.5. In your reflection paper provide examples of change talk and sustain talk along with your response.6. Make sure you use scaling questions of the Change Ruler during the interview.7. Write a short (1 to 2 paragraphs) case note summarizing the interview as you would for a client’s chart (an example with be provided)9. Write a paper, double spaced, answering the questions below (please do not write out the questions)a. Describe the interview process. How did you use the 4 processes? Looking at your coding, what MI skills did you use? Where could you have improved? Be sure to include your MITI scores, Global and Behavior Count. Incorporate your assigned readings as well.b. When you used reflection statements, how did the client respond? What types of reflections did you use and how did it vary your client’s responses, if at all?c. Provide examples of client change talk, if any occurred. How did you respond to them? How did the client respond back to you?d. How did you work with discord, if encountered?e. How did the use of your Change Ruler questions generate change talk?f. How did you finish the interview in terms of the process? If a commitment for change was made, how did you encourage this?g. After the interview, what was your client’s feedback to you? What kinds of suggestions were made for improvement? Be sure to address this in the narrative.h. What were the good things about your work? What would you change or have done differently?

Check-Off List for your assignment:o Make sure you go over the Consent with your interviewee. This is to be kept by you and not turned in. Your interviewee gets to keep a copy.o Top page: Short narrative/case note of your interview (about one page) (content of interview). Sign it at the bottom as you would a real case note. Single spaced. All else is double spaced (File 1)o Second: Your reflections on the interview process as asked in the questions (a) through (h) above. (File 1)o Third: Attach your coded and highlighted transcript. (File 2)o Fourth: Attach your MITI coding report sheet. (File 2)o Fifth: Attach the filled-out CE-MI scale. (File 2)

2. Please double space your paper.3. You will be graded on how well you meet the criteria for each segment of the paper:a. Use of a variety of MI skills including OARS and recognition and EARS of change talk including scaling questions.b. Your ability to identify change talk and sustain talk.c. Your case note of the content interview.d. Your reflections of the process of the interview based on your MITI scores and your client feedback.

for the files that I had attached if you want to read them on the document look for the assignment that I want you to do is the is named by 2. Behavior Change Interview paper #2: (4-5 pages double spaced plus client case note, transcript, MITI scores, and CE MI scale). Also it is showing what I had talked to my client on video. which I wrote them down.


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