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Purdue University How Did Women Act Based on their Identity Discussion

Purdue University How Did Women Act Based on their Identity Discussion

Question Description

I’m working on a history writing question and need an explanation to help me understand better.

From the eighteenth century through early twentieth century, women of all classes and races were confronted with an idealized understanding of womanhood, often informed by religious belief. An important question we can ask of the articles is, why is respectability so important to women?Another is how did women act based on their identity? To answer these questions, use, Emily Clark and Virginia Meacham Gould,Carroll Smith Rosenberg, Suellen Hoy, andBrenda E. Stevenson’s articles in some way. Include the primary document, “Extracts from Report of Visiting Committee,”Advocate of Moral Reform and Family Guardian, as well. You may use Gerda Lerner’s article and Jill Lepore’s podcast if you wish, but you are not required to.

Consult the History and Philosophy Department’s Writing Rubric and the Bibliography and Reference Notes handout, both on Brightspace. A successful essay will include the following:

? Essays must be 750 to 1,250 words in length.

? An introductory paragraph that clearly states an argument

? Evidence, with examples, to support the argument

? An essay free of technical and grammar errors

? A concluding paragraph that revisits the argument, reminding readers of the author’s purpose.

? A title page

? Page numbers inserted into the header or footer.

? Footnote citations that follow the rules of The Chicago Manual of Style

? Times New Roman font, size 12, double spaced, with one-inch margins. Footnotes and page numbers should also be Times New Roman font, with footnotes size 10.

? Bibliography with separate Primary Sources and Secondary Sources sections (primary source listed first).

? Since this paper is double spaced, extra spaces after paragraphs should be removed.

More things to consider:

? Do not use “I feel” or “I think” statements.

? Do not use the second person, “you.”

? You must only the assigned readings.

? Use of any outside source will result in a loss of points.

? You must also cite (footnotes) quotes from your sources and any information that is not common knowledge.

? Do not use MLA or APA.

? Do not end your paper with “In conclusion.”

? Do not use idioms, colloquialism, or clichés.

? Do not use contractions.

See below for a sample bibliography.


Primary Source:

“Extracts from Report of Visiting CommitteeAdvocate of Moral Reform and Family Guardian,V.18 (1852): 44-45.

Secondary Sources:

Clark, Emily and Virginia Meacham Gould.“The Feminine Face of Afro-Catholicism in New Orleans, 1727-1852.” The William and Mary Quarterly, 59, No. 2 (April 2002): 409-448.

Hoy,Suellen.“Walking Nuns: Chicago’s Irish Sisters of Mercy,” in Good Hearts: Catholic Sisters in Chicago’s Past.Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 2006, 35-46.

Lepore, Jill. “The Clue of the Blue Bottle.” The Last ArchiveSeason 1, Episode 1, May 14, 2020,

Lerner,Gerda.“US Women’s History: Past, Present, and Future.” Journal of Women’s History 16, No.4 (Winter 2004): 10-27.

Smith Rosenberg,Carroll.“Beauty, the Beast and the Militant Woman: A Case Study in Sex Roles and Social Stress in Jacksonian America.” American Quarterly, 23, No. 4 (October 1971): 562-584.

Stevenson,Brenda E. “‘Marsa Never Sot Aunt Rebecca Down’: Enslaved Women, Religion, and Social Power in the Antebellum SouthThe Journal of African American History90, No. 4 (Autumn, 2005): 345-367.

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