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NUR 415 Denver School of Nursing Role of the Affordable Care Act Discussion

NUR 415 Denver School of Nursing Role of the Affordable Care Act Discussion

Question Description

I’m working on a nursing discussion question and need support to help me study.

Discussion Questions Requirements: Main discussion post should be at least 2-3 paragraphs. Two peer responses should be at least 50 words minimum.

NUR415 Discussion post:

Step 1: Post a response to the discussion board by answering the following question related to the Affordable Care Act and how the provisions affect the type and delivery of care to patients.

  • Using research, what are specific provisions within the ACA that will directly impact the delivery, type, and/or method of care you give to your patients?

Step 2: Read other students’ posts and respond to two of them. Cite any sources in 7th ed. APA format.

NUR415 Student Posts:

Student#1:Provisions included in the ACA are intended to expand access to insurance, increase consumer protections, emphasize prevention and wellness, improve quality and system performance, expand the health workforce, and curb rising health care costs (The Affordable Care Act: A Brief Summary, 2011). The Affordable Care Act (ACA) contains numerous provisions intended to resolve underlying problems in how health care is delivered and paid for in the United States (Guterman et al., 2015). These provisions focus on three broad areas: testing new delivery models and spreading successful ones, encouraging the shift toward payment based on the value of care provided, and developing resources for systemwide improvement (Guterman et al., 2015).

One example of specific provisions within the ACA that directly impacts the delivery, type, and/or method of care that effects the way I do nursing. I work privately and my patient needs things that the insurance will not cover and finding programs that she qualifies for help is hard. Finding the loop poles for either insurance or programs to help is key for her to continue to have her independence.

Student #2: According to Mason et al. (2020) the Affordable Care Act (ACA) contains many parts that affect the nursing profession and the U.S. health care delivery system as a whole. Part of this reform is seen in ACA’s shared savings programs, especially Accountable Care organizations which incentivize health care organizations to provide cost-effective, higher quality of care due to more restrictive reimbursement practices. Instead of providing fee-for-service reimbursement, this model of care reimburses a fixed amount (or a bundled payment) for patients who meet the criteria for specific diagnosis-related group(s) (DRG). Under this new care model, nurses are in a great position to provide patient-centered, cost-effective care. With a greater focus on health promotion and disease prevention, nurses are expected to communicate with the interdisciplinary team in order to coordinate patient-centered care and avoid costly hospital admission (Burhaus, 2010; Mason et al., 2020).

NUR425 Discussion Post:

Step 1: In your initial post to this discussion forum, respond to the following prompts. Include personal and practice-related experiences or observations as examples that support your response:

  • In your own words, define community empowerment and describe how it differs, in your view, from community participation or involvement
  • Identify two or three strategies that nurses could use to encourage community empowerment in health programs
  • Give an example from the literature of an empowered community addressing a health concern

Step 2: Your post should be 2-3 paragraphs long. In addition, respond to at least two classmates. Consider the accuracy of the posted definitions and the relevance of the examples of community engagement. Use a professional tone when interacting with your peers. Cite all references appropriately using APA 7th edition format.

NUR425 Student Posts:

Student#1: Community empowerment is the process of supporting communities so that they can make better outcomes out of their lives. It includes ensuring that members of the community can gain stable control of the significant decisions affecting their lives and implementing essential projects that provide better outcomes in their lives (Melo & Alves, 2019). While community participation involves being part of the decision-making process, community empowerment is concerned with sharing control as well as entitlement in the community and participating in important decisions as well as the allocation of resources at the community level. There are different strategies that nurses can use to encourage community empowerment in health programs. Nurses can hold forums and education sessions to increase community awareness concerning health issues affecting the community.

Nurses can also use their medical knowledge to promote health in the community, and this can be done through holding health screenings at community events, giving advice on diet and exercise, and educating the public on the importance of practices such as vaccinations and handwashing (Melo & Alves, 2019). Nurses can collaborate with community leaders to establish community empowerment programs based on ensuring easier access to healthcare for community members. They can also promote community partnerships aimed at setting up healthcare facilities in the community. There are various examples of empowered communities addressing health concerns, and one of these is when residents of Sokode in Togo partnered with the African Development Bank to fund the project “Toilets for All in Sokode” intending to curb cholera outbreaks (“African Development Bank,” n.d.). The city of Sokode was previously faced with difficulties that arise from a lack of latrines and toilets and the increased hygiene risks.

Student #2: The overall goal of community empowerment is to improve health outcomes. Empowerment represents sharing control and having ownership and then desiring to participate and add value to the community. Participation represents action and becoming an active part of the decision-making process. Empowerment and participation depend on each other to give meaning and purpose to the goal of a community.

Strategies could be a variety of many things like teaching, education, beginning programs, participating in research that would address the health concerns of the community. One strategy a nurse could use to encourage community empowerment in health programs is to team up with a local elementary school and determine if there are any children who are not receiving proper nutrition or are just hungry. The nurse could organize a sack lunch or breakfast program along with the PTA and student council to raise funds for food and supplies and request volunteers to help make the lunches, pack them up and deliver them.

Another strategy a nurse could do is be on a mission with a local church that already goes into Native American reservations. The nurse can work with the health care already established and strategize a plan of care for the particular needs of the community. Examples would be diabetic education, smoking cessation, alcohol abuse, withdrawal and recovery, infection control, vaccinations, nutrition, contraception, etc. The sky is the limit and would be determined by the leaders/chief of the reservation. I personally know of a church that does this and is very successful and empowering this type of community to improve health outcomes.

An example from literature is “The Tuskegee Community Engagement Core (CEC) developed the Engaged Empowerment campaign to counter the negative impact of socioeconomic status on the individual-place nexus and the subsequent health disparities that result. The CEC operates in low-income, resource-poor communities across the Southeast, which includes poor urban communities in Birmingham and Atlanta, as well as rural areas in the Black Belt. The Engaged Empowerment movement seeks to distribute high-quality knowledge to communities that typically have little access to such resources. The primary mechanism for knowledge distribution is the Engaged Empowerment Town Hall meetings where ideas between researchers and community residents are shared. A council of community representatives called HEROs (Health Equity Resource Officers) was selected and asked to specify a knowledge dissemination strategy that encompassed topics that would be materially beneficial to residents.” (Hannon, L. 2019)

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