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Northeastern University Importance of the Wok Values Worksheet

Northeastern University Importance of the Wok Values Worksheet

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Personal and Career Development


Assignment 2: Career Values



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In this course you will have multiple opportunities to strengthen your ability to be self-aware. Your first assignment asked you to reflect on your Strengths and Skills, this assignment focuses on Values. Use the template to complete each section. Submit your completed assignment via Canvas.



Values are qualities considered to be the most important guiding principles that help set priorities in your career and life. They are highly personal and define what is purposeful and meaningful to you. Though values may change in response to life circumstances, they are generally thought to be enduring and provide a compass for setting goals and making decisions. In a career context, where changes occur rapidly and decisions about opportunities in a current work role or new job possibilities can present themselves unexpectedly, it is critical to pause and reflect on the values that are most essential to you.

“Why” Exercise

This exercise can be a useful tool in clarifying values related to work satisfaction. Jotting down answers to these questions, or perhaps sharing them with a career mentor familiar with your current work situation, is a great way of reaffirming values that are priorities for you in work/co-op.

What would you miss most if you left your current Co-op? Why?

What was your “best job/co-op ever?” Why?

When was a time you felt really energized in your work/co-op? Why?

What value would you not compromise in a job? Why?


Taking Inventory – Work Values Exercise

Review each value and note in the left column if it is “Essential (E)”, “Acceptable (A)” or “Not Important (NI)”. In the column to the right, use an “X” or a check mark to note which of these values you associate with your current co-op placement.





Achievement: Occupations that are results oriented and allow employees to use their strongest skills and provide a sense of accomplishment

Adventure: Work duties that involve risk taking

Aesthetics: Appreciation in the beauty of things, people, art, nature, and surroundings

Affiliation: Be recognized as part of an organization

Altruism/Help Society: Contributes to greater good

Balance: Job that allows for family, social, and work

Benefit Package: Range of advantages an employee may receive such as insurance, vacation, sick leave, salary, etc.

Challenge: Perform tasks that are difficult or require great mental or physical effort in order to be done successfully

Change/Variety: Wide range of changing tasks

Community: Work connected with service, politics, or community affairs

Competition: Activities that can compare abilities with others

Creative Expression: Express new ideas, programs, systems, etc.

Excitement/Fun: Experience high degree of stimulation on the job

Fast Pace: Quick pace of activity with quick outcomes

Financial Reward: Earn larger than average amount of income

Harmony: Avoid pressure and stress in role, people, and setting

Help Others: Assist others in direct way in groups or individual

Independence: Work without constant supervision; ability to make decisions without consult

Influence Others: Significant impact on others to change attitude or opinion

Knowledge/Learning: Gather new information and ideas

Leadership: Inspire, motivate, or direct others

Location: Live somewhere conducive to lifestyle

Make Decisions: Have power to decide course of action/policies

Personal Growth: Work that enables growth as a person

Physical Challenge: Job that has physical demands that find rewarding

Public Contact: Much day to day contact with people

Recognition: Acknowledged for quality of work

Relationships: Occupations that allow employees to provide support/service to others and have opportunities to work with others in non-competitive setting

Spiritual Fulfillment: Work that is consistent with ideals or morals

Security: Stable work environment and financial compensation

Stability: Consistent duties that are predictable and do not change over time

Status/Prestige: Gain respect of others given nature and level of work

Support: Occupations that offer advocacy, resources, and guidance from management

Teamwork: Close working collaborations with group

Time Freedom: Complete tasks on own schedule

Travel: Job has opportunity to travel

Work Alone: Do projects individually with little contact with others

Working Conditions: Comfortable work environment, dress code, additional amenities

Work Under Pressure: Work where time pressure is significant and quality critically reviewed


Co-Op Connection: Of the values you associated with your co-op, share an example of what that value looks like in practice.



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