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MKT 441 California National University Tesla Inc Supply Chain Case Analyses

MKT 441 California National University Tesla Inc Supply Chain Case Analyses

Question Description

I’m working on a business Research Paper and need a sample draft to help me learn.

MKT 441 Guidelines for the Final Project- I would like to write about the company TESLA owned by Elon Musk

The objective of the project is to apply what you have learned in class to a company of your own choosing. For the purposes of this project, it is recommended to choose a maker of tangible goods versus a service or a retailer.

For the Case Study: Analyze the supply chain process of a company or a business unit of a company, and suggest any improvements to be made (A case study could also represent opportunities for new business models).

Choose an organization and analyze its supply chain strategy and practices. When choosing a company (or business unit of that company), try to choose one that you will be able to find information on. For your analysis, you can use secondary data (e.g., company annual reports, analyst reports, articles from the press) and primary data (e.g., interviews, personal experience with the company). For the best project possible, you will need facts and examples to support your commentary and recommendations. For this reason, extensive library research is required.

Possible topic examples include:

  • A study of the distribution system and store deliveries at McDonalds
  • The supply chain success or failure of a new product introduction. Think of a company that may have miscalculated demand or their own capacity.
  • A study of inventory practices at a company with suggestions for improvement.
  • These are just suggestions; you may have some ideas that are more interesting for you to pursue!

    1. Background about the organization:

    a. A description of the company (or operating unit) and its competitive environment

    b. Brief historical information if applicable

    c. A description of the company’s existing supply chain strategy and practice

    d. An overview of the company’s supply chain objectives and challenges

    2. Analysis and Recommendation (This part should center on the supply chain objectives and challenges identified in part 1)

    a. An evaluation of the company’s supply chain strategy and practice by drawing on the concepts covered in the course

    b. Identify strengths and weaknesses in the company’s supply chain strategy and practice

    c. A recommendation for improvement (this could involve several options to tackle the weaknesses or challenges the company faces in managing its supply chain)

    d. Discuss how the company will implement this improvement plan (e.g., how the company will build the necessary supply chain capabilities)

    Each paper should use no fewer than ten sources which are to be cited using the APA format. This includes full citations within the body of the report. Proper use of the APA format will strengthen student papers by providing support for student arguments. In other words, students will present their take on the topic at hand, and use sources to back up their perspectives. Students will be expected to use credible and authoritative sources, including peer-reviewed journal articles. Wikipedia and other open-source resources will not be permitted unless approved by the instructor.

    Final Projects are worth up to 80 points. Much attention will be given to the progress of written reports. Because they are due at the end of the course, students are strongly advised to pace the writing of the report throughout the four-week period so that the time spent writing the paper does not compete with time needed to review course material in preparation for the final exam.

    One of the best ways to approach the assignment is as a consultant. Your job is to explain a complex set of analyses and recommendations to a client or investor who may not understand (or care about) all of the details. In other words, you will not be writing this paper for an instructor as the audience, or even fellow classmates. This mindset will make for a stronger project because you will be forced to explain every concept and backup your explanations with examples. You will get the client or investor to understand and care about your project through insightful analysis. This approach to the Final Project also helps the instructor assess more clearly that the learning outcomes for this course have been achieved.

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