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Kean University Social and Historical Construction Exam Practice

Kean University Social and Historical Construction Exam Practice

Question Description

I’m working on a writing question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

Final examination is due May 5th (11:59 PM).

Plagiarism will result in negative consequences and action through the Office of Academic Integrity, so please make sure your work is your own.

(You’re able to click the readings in blue. If it does work I attached the readings)


  1. Due to Turnitin on Blackboard by no later than 11:59 p.m. on May 5th.
  2. Please double space your papers and include the author’s name and page numbers for quotations or paraphrasing. A failure to cite page numbers or an author will result in a loss of credit up to 30 points.
  3. Do not incorporate outside research or reading into this take-home examination. This examination is meant to give you the opportunity to show what you learned from the course syllabus, and anything not given directly in class is not relevant to the questions. Outside research will result in a loss of credit up to 30 points.


  1. Each of the following questions prompts you to make an argument and substantiate that argument with examples from your readings. You do not have to create your own thesis. Instead, you need to think about how you will argue for or explain an idea that is essential to the course and field of study.
  2. Start with an introductory paragraph that introduces your take on the argument or your definition of a particular term, and then write supporting paragraphs drawing on specific examples from the readings. Specific examples means names of people/places, references to specific events, dates or chronology, specific terms, and quotations.
  3. Make sure that the examples you use include the following details: names of groups of people or important actors (including proper names drawn from the text), dates (include specific dates—like the year 1924—as well as general dates—like decades or periods such as the nineteenth century), places (names of specific neighborhoods, cities, regions, etc.), and important texts or sources from the class syllabus (include titles).
  4. Account for the complexity of race, class, nationality and any other relevant axis of difference. LGBTQ identities cannot be totally severed from the context of race, class, nationality—not to mention ableism or religious identity. Your readings account for these contexts explicitly and implicitly, and you should make sure you do so in each of your answers. Finally, don’t focus solely on one group (gay men, for example).


Each answer should be no fewer than 500 words, although you may write as much as you wish and still earn full credit.

  1. Social and historical construction: Using any part of Jeffrey Weeks and no fewer than three other readings from Unit 1 the syllabus, explain how behavior is different from identity, as well as the ways in which gender or sexual identity is socially constructed—or shaped by socioeconomic, cultural, legal, and other institutional processes. Cite at least one example of a person whose sexual orientation or gender identity would not be considered lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender in a contemporary sense, but how their identity was nonetheless “queer,” or non-normative. Finally, explain how historians can understand the historical context that distinguishes between gender identity (like cisgender versus transgender identity)and identity based on sexual orientation (like bisexual, lesbian, or gay identity). Ideally, your answer should account for the complexity of race or class.Readings-> Major Problems in the History of Sexuality.Essentialism and Social Construction.pdf only read pages 2-9, Freedman.The Prison Lesbian.pdf only read pages 397-423, Somerville.Scientific Racism and the Homosexual Body.pdf only read pages 243-266,
  1. Social regulation: Using Jeffrey Weeks’ definition of social regulation and no fewer than five readings from Unit 1 and Unit 2 of our syllabus, explain how social regulation has shaped LGBT history in the United States. Explain how medicine/medical discourse, the media, and the law have shaped ideas about gender and sexuality. Your answer should account for chronology, or change/development over time, and should cover the period from about 1920 to the 1950s. Ideally, your answer should account for the complexity of race and class.

Readings-> Major Problems in the History of Sexuality.Essentialism and Social Construction.pdf only read pages 2-9, Somerville.Scientific Racism and the Homosexual Body.pdf only read pages 243-266, Zane. I did it for the uplift of humanity and the navy.pdf only read pages 279-306, D’Emilio, “Capitalism and Gay Identity”.pdf only read pages 467-476

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