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HIS 109 CC American History In the late 19th Century in The US Discussion

HIS 109 CC American History In the late 19th Century in The US Discussion

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American History and Races

During the era of colonization, many ethnic groups and races moved from their home land to new lands where either by their own will, war or as slaves. However, America is known to consist of many races which makes the whole continent to have some differences and priorities in making decisions. The first immigrants came frow Western Europe and settled in North America. They were followed by the Northern Europe, Eastern Europe, Latin Americans, and Asians. Africans were later forced in America as slaves of the white people to work in the fields, factories, and homes. This paper will discuss how race and ethnicity influenced freedom and opportunity in the United States of America.

Native Americans

The first settlers to America came centuries before Europeans. The dates of the exodus are disputed, with figures ranging from 45,000 to 12,000 BCE. Early Indians are believed to have moved to this new territory in search of major hunting games that they found in great herds of herbivore grazing in America. Over the decades and then millennia Native American culture developed into a complex network of centuries of interlinked tribes with their respective customs, traditions, languages and religions. European colonizer-Native American intergroup links have a tumultuous past (Betancourt, & López, 1993). Also, European settlement of the Americas almost wiped out the indigenous people. And, while Native Americans died the most as a result of their lack of immunity to European diseases, overt mistreatment of Native Americans was also a factor. The above factor delayed freedom and opportunity in United States.

African Americans.

For certain people, the word “African American” is a misnomer. Many dark-haired people may be identified as Dominicans or Dutch Americans of more recent ancestors in Europe or the Caribbean. In addition, actual African immigrants may think that they have a greater claim to the term African American than those who are centuries away from their country’s original settlers. In 1619, a Dutch sea Capitan took the first Africans and sold their as insolvent servants to the Virginia colony in Jamestown (Betancourt & López, 1993). This was not unusual for Black and White people, and high demand was met by uneducated servants. The next century was attended by indentured black and white slaves. In 1705, Virginia had passed slave code stating that any foreign-born non-Christian might be a slave, and that slaves would be considered property. However, the expanding agricultural market needed more and cheaper work. Slavery is a prime example of the outlook of conflict theory on racial relations. The ruling class had complete domination of the lower caste to maintain power. Whipping, executions, violations, a lack of schooling and health care were both legal and common. Therefore, this war brought misunderstandings that did not establish a peace zone and thus delayed freedom and anticipated prospects.


Late estimates of 17.1% of the U.S. population who identified themselves as Hispanic in 2013. The biggest and oldest Hispanic subgroup was Mexican Americans. At the beginning of the 1900s Mexican migration to the US started in response to a lack of cheap formwork. Mexico’s migration was mostly circular; migrants would remain with more wages than in their home country for a few years before returning to Mexico. The sociologist Douglas Massey (2006) states that while average living standards are lower than those in the US, permanent displacement is not so bad that the objective of most Mexicans (Betancourt & López 1993). However, a one-way exodus was the standard for the majority of Mexicans with the border tightening begun with the Immigration Reform and Control Act in 1986. This has caused the Government to retard in freedom because of its efforts to legalize the group’s migration and therefore there are no planned prospects.

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