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Grossmont College To the Person Sitting in Darkness Discussion Paper

Grossmont College To the Person Sitting in Darkness Discussion Paper

Question Description

I’m working on a history writing question and need support to help me learn.

A two-part discussion essay

Part I: Film analysis. Write a well-developed short essay in which you analyze one important theme, or one central idea from “To Conquer or Redeem: Manifest Destiny, Act I and III,” or the podcast “1898 and Becoming AmericaDescribe that issuein detail. Make connections to our lecture materials and readings (and to provide further context).

Clipped below are some of the themes this film deals with

The role of violence; How U.S. policymakers at the time rationalize the contradiction between empire and democracy; US economic collapse, expansion, and subsequent search for new “frontiers”; Alfred Thayer Mahan and the expansion of U.S. political and military power abroad; Cuban Independence movement, the role of the U.S. media and U.S. imperialism in Cuba and Puerto Rico; the Panama canal, expansion of U.S. economic and military power and the Sea Lanes of Communication and Transportation (SLOCTs); U.S. Domestic politics and imperialism; “Benevolent Assimilation”, Ideology, Race, Christianity and U.S. colonization of the Philippines (and consequences on Filipinos)

Length of Part I: at least one well developed paragraph with specific examples.


Part II: Document/Primary Source Analysis. Write a well-developed essay in which you analyze ONE of the following primary sources or discuss the scholarly contributions of one of the following scholarly articles or podcasts:

*Frederick Jackson Turner “The Significance of the Frontier in American History” (1893, Primary Source in Canvas) See films, lecture notes & “American Yawp” for context

*Podcast “Constitutional”, episode “Ancestry (Links to an external site.),” on 1879 Court Case, Chief Standing Bear and the status of Native Peoples under the U.S. Constitution

*Podcast “Constitutional,” episode “Nationality (Links to an external site.),” on 1898 Supreme Court case: are Asian Americans citizens?

*The Platt Amendment, 1901 (Primary source in Canvas- U.S. & Cuba); (text, lectures, films for context)

*Visual Primary Source: “School Begins (Links to an external site.),” by Puck, 1/25/1899 and one other political cartoon from my Powerpoint on Imperial Expansion Part III. See my articles & our readings & films for context

*Statements of U.S. Foreign Policy: “The Monroe Doctrine,” and “The Roosevelt Corollary” (both, these are short primary sources in Wood & Alexander pp. 239-241; see my articles for context)

*“Visual Source: Barbershop” (Wood & Alexander pp. 156-157 & PPT) and one other political cartoon from my Powerpoint on Imperial Expansion Part III. See my articles and readings for context

*OR recommended Podcasts: “Saving a Language You’re Learning to Speak (Links to an external site.),” by NPR’s Code Switch, about how the Hawaiian language almost went extinct and Hawaiians’ efforts to rescue it

*or Podcast “There Will be Bananas (Links to an external site.),” by NPR’s Throughline. US Railroad & Banana co’s & Empire”

*or “To the Person Sitting in Darkness (Links to an external site.),” Mark Twain, 1901 (Primary source, satirical critique of US Imperialism)

Address the following for the primary source you’re analyzing or the article/podcast you’re discussing:

  1. a) Provide historical context from our lectures, films, and articles. Tell us the history behind the primary source or document- what is going on in the region at the time this primary source is produced? If it is a scholarly article or podcast, discuss the historical context that your article/podcast deals with.
  2. b) Tell us all about the document that you’re discussing. Is it a primary source (eyewitness account), or a secondary source (scholarly article)? If yours is a primary source, tell us: who wrote or produced it? to whom? when? why? what was its purpose? If it is a scholarly article or podcast, discuss all of the contributions of this article or podcast to our understanding of this topic and time period (give us specific examples).
  3. c) Analyze the primary source and/or discuss the specific contributions your scholarly article or podcast makes to our understanding of the transformations of the Americas

Length of Part II: two well developed paragraphs for this part

Length of the whole essay (both parts): at least three well developed paragraphs

Submit and Label each part of the essay

Format/Works cited. Because you’re using our films, our books and our documents, just cite which ones you’re using: which film; which book (page number); and which document (which book and what page). No need for a separate ‘works cited’ page here.

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