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Grossmont College Lewis Dot Structure & Resonance Structures Worksheet

Grossmont College Lewis Dot Structure & Resonance Structures Worksheet

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I’m working on a chemistry report and need support to help me study.

Lab Report: Molecular Models


The purpose of the Molecular Models experiment is to give you a better understanding of inorganic molecules and simple organic molecules from a two and three-dimensional point of view.


In this lab report, you will:

  • Draw and generate 2D and 3D Lewis structures of molecules and ions
  • Apply VSEPR theory to molecules and ions
  • Apply Valence Bond Theory by determining the hybridization around a central atom
  • Calculate the formal charge of atoms
  • Determine the polarity of a molecule two ways
    • by looking at the Lewis structure
    • by looking at electrostatic potential maps and dipole moments


This assignment will also help you to become familiar with the following important content information:

  • Draw Lewis structures of compounds.
  • Identify the number of bonding electron clouds and lone pairs around a central atom.
  • Identify the orbital geometry, approximate bond angle, and molecular geometry around a central atom.
  • Determine the hybridization (which hybrid orbitals are used) to describe bonding around a central atom.
  • Determine whether a molecule is polar or nonpolar.
  • Determine the direction of the dipole moment for a polar molecule
  • Calculate formal charge for an atom.
  • Draw resonance structures.
  • Identify axial and equatorial positions.
  • Explain what the colors represent on an electrostatic potential map
  • Draw Lewis structures for simple organic compounds
  • Understand what structural isomers (or constitutional isomers) are


This exercise asks you to complete the following

  • Prelab questions
  • Reports sheets
  • Use MolView Website to create 2D and 3D images of the molecules and ions and copy images onto a worksheet.
  • Post lab questions

Criteria for Success:

Be sure to complete the prelab questions, report sheets, including worksheet for computer generated images, and post lab questions.

  • Ask your instructor any questions that you may have as you complete the assignment.
  • Before the start of lab on the due date:
    • Use AdobeScan to take pictures of your prelab questions, report sheets, and post lab questions. Combine these with the word document containing your computer-generated images.

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