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Gods of Jade and Shadow Film Outline

Gods of Jade and Shadow Film Outline

Question Description

I’m working on a english writing question and need an explanation to help me learn.

Now that you’ve had some time to watch Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and read Gods of Jade and Shadow, and you’ve shared ideas about similarities between the texts in the Week 9 Discussion Board, I’d like you to identify a theme you intend to explore in the Unit 3 Essay, and draft and upload a preliminary outline–just the basic structure–of your essay.

What are the authors saying about the theme, and how is it demonstrated in the text? What can we take away from this?

Keep in mind that you’re expected to explore a theme as it appears in all three works (Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and Gods of Jade and Shadow) and eventually explain why that theme is important to you and your readers.


Please write the thesis and topic sentences of your essay–no paragraphs, just sentences. State the main argument (which should include the theme) and the topic sentences for the body paragraphs of your essay. Keep in mind that the thesis will drive all decisions made about the content of the essay, and the topic sentences will guide and limit your decisions about the content of the paragraphs.

The mini outline should include the thesis statement and a minimum of four (4) topic sentences. You should explore all three texts in each body paragraph.

Please write in complete sentences.

I look forward to reading your preliminary outline!

Example Mini Outline

This topic and example should not be used in your own essay.

Thesis Statement: In Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Hunt for the Wilderpeople, and Gods of Jade and Shadow, all three characters’ lives are enriched by reading and writing stories.

Topic Sentence 1: The stories of their heroes have influenced how the characters want to live their own lives and see themselves.

Topic Sentence 2: The characters use stories to re-envision their pre-destined paths.

Topic Sentence 3: Words/stories are tools they use to navigate and change their worlds.

Topic Sentence 4: The characters use poetic language to express and understand their experiences of the world.

***Note how each topic sentence encompasses all three texts.

More about the Mini Outline

Although the essay instructions have asked you to find a similar theme in all three texts, please note the assignment was not designed as a comparison/contrast essay. Instead, it asks you to explore a theme, writing at least four (4) body paragraphs about it. In examining the facets of that theme, you’re asked to incorporate quoted passages from all three (3) sources in all four (4) body paragraphs.

In assigning the exploration of a theme, I’m asking you to do something you most likely haven’t done before. Since this is Advanced Composition, you’re being asked to move beyond the typical five-paragraph essay and provide deeper analysis than you may have been asked to do in the past. However, I KNOW you can do it! I’ve seen your writing skills and am confident that although you might feel a bit challenged with this assignment, you have the ability and skills to complete it. You CAN do this!

Here is another outline that reflects what I’m looking for:

Thesis: Rather than being a negative trait, the characters’ rebellious nature enables them to grow as they set out on their own, make mistakes, learn essential life lessons, and eventually transform into more mature individuals.

TS1: To begin, rebelling against the people who stifled their growth, the three characters set out on a journey of self-discovery.

TS2: Along their journeys, the heroes make mistakes due to their rebellious spirits.

TS3: As a result of their mistakes, they learn essential lessons about themselves and the world around them.

TS4: Ultimately, these lessons enable the characters to transform into more mature individuals.

Grading Criteria:

When creating your outline, keep in mind that points will be assigned for the following:

  • Clearly stated thesis with a subject (including the theme) and argument
  • Clearly stated topic sentences for all body paragraphs (minimum of 4 topic sentences)
  • Topic sentences are general statements with NO details
  • Logical order of topic sentences to guide readers through your exploration of the theme as it appears in all three works (Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and Gods of Jade and Shadow)
  • Complete, correctly written sentences

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