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FSMC 4160 SFPS Hospitality Sector Essay

FSMC 4160 SFPS Hospitality Sector Essay

Question Description

Part 1 Introduction – (1 – 2 pages) use this section to introduce the case and the organization.

  • Background
    1. Where is the organization located? Name the cities where they operate hotels?
    2. Diamond Rock is a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), what is a REIT? How does this corporate status define their purpose as a company?
    3. How many hotels does the company own? Are the hotels low-end, mid-market, or premium quality?
    4. Who is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – what major hotel company did he work for prior to starting Diamond Rock?
  • Provide a summary of the organizations mission, vision, and values – list each item and explain what you think each means. Note that in some cases you will have to infer mission, vision, values from the narrative shared by the company.
    1. The corporate website describes being “stewards of our investors capital” – who are the investors they refer to?

Part 2 Application of Managerial Skills – (2-3 pages) use this section to review the previously completed SWOT analysis provided in the case study materials:

  • What were Diamond Rock’s revenues for the second quarter 2019? What were Diamond Rock’s revenues for the second quarter 2020? Was there a major change or difference?
  • Review each of the items listed in the four SWOT categories shared by MarketLine (based on DiamondRock performance in 2018): strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and complete a written summary of the findings. Create a SWOT chart (like the one in the MarketLine report) and post it just below your summary.
  • Assess the SWOT from 2018 and create an updated SWOT based on current data. Are the findings presented in the organizations SWOT analysis from 2018 still accurate? You will have to review all case study materials and conduct online research including a visit to the organization website and a review of recent news stories about the organization to answer this question. Consider their current cost efficiency ratio, debt to equity ratio, and the overall market outlook for hotels in 2021 vs 2018 when the SWOT was written. Update the SWOT for 2021 based on your findings. Write a narrative explaining each SWOT item with an emphasis on sharing evidence why each item included in your SWOT is justified. After completing the narrative, create an updated 2021 Diamond Rock SWOT chart and insert it below your narrative.

Part 3 Application of Values – (1 page) use this section to assess the organizations performance in alignment with mission and values and your recommendations for improving performance.

  • Write a brief narrative that describes whether the organization’s performance aligns with its mission and values based on your updated SWOT. Does the data you gathered about the organization including your review and update of their SWOT analysis suggest the organization is living up to its values and mission?
  • List one recommendation for improving the performance of the organization based on your analysis and findings.

Note: You may have to do additional web research specific to the organization noted in the case. Please answer these questions in narrative not bulleted form. Please include a table as well as narrative when communicating your review of the previously completed SWOT analysis. Weave your answers into a thoughtful paper. Take your time and thoroughly proofread and edit your writing prior to submitting.

Paper Format: your paper must be typed and edited.

Tone: Though this is an academic paper, write as though you are submitting a report to your supervisor at work.

Total Length: 5-6 pages (plus cover page and works cited)

Font Size: 12-point font

Line Spacing: Space and a half

Margin: 1” maximum (L an R)

Page Numbers: Bottom of page, center, starting on page 2

  1. Cover Page Includes: Student Name, Professor’s Name, Class, Assignment, and Due Date
  2. Introduction (1 – 2 pages)

This is where you answer the questions presented and summarize in a professionally written narrative.

  1. Application of Managerial Skills (2 – 3 pages)

This is where you review the SWOT presented in the case, and update the SWOT based on the findings from your data collection.

  1. Application of Values – Recommendations & Conclusion (1 page)

Follow the guidelines. Update the SWOT table. Make a final point or recommendation. This is where you present your recommendation and final perspective.

  1. Works Cited Page (Proper MLA format is required)

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