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FIU BMW Auto Repair Shop Brand Definition & Local Target Market Presentation

FIU BMW Auto Repair Shop Brand Definition & Local Target Market Presentation

Question Description

I’m working on a marketing project and need a sample draft to help me study.

Develop a complete social strategy for the brand you have been working with all semester. This

can be one of the three companies, or one political candidate, that I have you at the beginning of
the semester OR a brand you chose to use for the prior assignments.
In your social strategy I expect to find:

  1. A brand definition that sums up what you WANT people to think of when they think of
    your brand.
    o For example: Target is a reasonably priced outlet for cutting edge design, fashion
    and housewares. (In truth they NEVER use reasonably priced in their outwardly
    facing material, but it is what they believe internally)
  2. A customer/voter/client persona, which is WHO exactly you think is your target
    audience for the strategy (message) you are developing. This must be narrowly defined. You must include an audience persona.
    o For example Jet Blue (from Blogspot) JetBlue’s buyer persona is the low budget
    traveler that wants a comfortable yet affordable solution to flying. They are
    typically a younger audience that likes to be reached through social media
    channels and expects quick responses from the company. That audience comes
    through in their marketing in the medium they use (Twitter, in this instance), the
    words they use (flying like a boss), and even the name of the Twitter handle
  3. Further develop this persona into your local target market using the information from
    your target market assignment. Please attach any SimpliAnalytics or ESRI data as a
    supporting document). Tell me if you have found your target where you expect them to be.
  4. Discuss your competition. Take the competitive analysis you performed and summarize what you learned in a series of slides. You can break it up by channel or by message or however you think it is most useful. The point is to tell me what you learned about your competition that effects your own strategic choices on social media.
  5. Discuss the opportunities and threats (half of a SWOT analysis) that are afforded by social media for your brand.
  6. At least two SMART Social Media Objectives, one communication objective and one business
    objective. Use the form from the SMART Objective assignment, BUT only put the actual objectives in
    your write up (attach the form as a supporting document). These goals can be put into the
    perspective of a campaign if you wish, but do not have to. The goals must BOTH be
    social media goals OR the KPI that you are working with must be a social media KPI. For instance if my business objective is to increase net profit by 10% in FYE 2020, I can work with “Increase use of coupons from Instagram by 50% in FYE 2020.” Or, “Increase website visits from Instagram by 50% in FYE 2020.”
    o Use social specific communication language to define your communication goals
    such as reach, engagement, sentiment, impact/conversion and advocacy.
  7. Identify a social channel that will help you achieve your SMART goals. Tell me
    why. Go back to your audience persona and determine which channels are most effective
    for your brand. (Again there are reference links in the module)
    • There are two important questions I want answered:
      • Is my audience here? (answer needs to be yes, or at least they will be after I’m done)
      • If so, how are they using this platform?
    • Using this information define the tactics that will be effective in reaching your social media goals.
  8. Create an editorial or content marketing plan for one business quarter. (Choose a specific
    quarter if you plan on using holiday based content. If you wish to use a longer time frame
    let me know.) This plan must outline the theme, campaign, or defining idea behind your social media for that quarter. This is your “BIG IDEA,” the creative backbone of your campaign. It will define your message/messages and show how you will push that message out over the quarter. It must be a cohesive strategy, not just a list of the things you want to do. There must be a common central theme. Your plan must also address these questions.
    o What types of content do you intend to post and promote on social media?
    o How often will you post content?
    o How will you promote the content?
  9. Create a social media calendar for one week in that quarter. It should include the channel, content, day,
    time, goal it is related to, and how it’s success or value will be measured. There is a
    template for this calendar in this module. This template is designed to be used professionally, so there is more than one week and room for more than one channel.
    1. Definitions for the calendar:
      1. Time – Time of day, which is important in reaching your target audience
      2. Content Type – Ad, photo, text with photo, text, quiz, survey, etc
      3. Topic – How is this related to your content marketing plan?
      4. Goal – Which objective is it related to?
      5. Content / Copy – A summary (example: photo of cute puppy chewing on widget with slogan “better get a Marsh Media Widget”)
      6. Notes – Anything you need me to know, or want me to know. Usually used to communicate with other collaborators on your project.

All this information must be included in a presentation. (PowerPoint exported to .pdf, Prezi, Keynote exported to a .pdf – Use a .pdf so that the layout isn’t changed when I open it.) Please use as many slides as you need to to explain your idea. You may voice it if you wish, otherwise the information in the presentation must be self-explanatory. It should also look decent. The presentation does not need to include the calendar. The calendar should be added an an additional attachment.

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