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ENGW 140 UCLA Conflict of Interest English Paper

ENGW 140 UCLA Conflict of Interest English Paper

Question Description

I’m working on a english writing question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

You will use ethical frameworks to unpack and evaluate a decision(s) made and/or an action(s) taken in response to a specific moral dilemma uncovered by your Paper 1/2 research.

The final draft will:

Make clear why the subject matter you have chosen to analyze is “in the moral ballpark” (Hinman 14-5)

Explain the basic tenets of both ethical theories covered in class

Using the ethical theories covered in class, make and support a convincing, compelling argument about the decision(s) reached and/or action(s) taken. These decisions/actions could be what really happened, or what could potentially happen, given your research on and ethical analysis of the moral dilemma in question.

In other words, what—given your analysis of the situation and the ethical theories you apply/critique—is it the morally right thing to do?

The process, or how we will get to the final draft described above: The rhetorical analysis and research skills you developed in Papers 1 and 2 will inform your work on this essay. You will need to read/research well, synthesize information to achieve a purpose, and persuade an audience of your position.

Paper 1: Rhetorical Analysis:Rhetorical Analysis Paper

Paper 2: Synthesis: Synthesis Paper

Read the Hinman selections actively. Tips to help you stay engaged as you read: Print the text out and take notes/ask questions in the margins (don’t just highlight things), look up the definitions to words you don’t recognize, look for connections to your life, come to class ready to participate, especially when we’re scheduled to discuss and apply these frameworks. Utilize office hours as needed.

Narrow your scope around a moral dilemma that you uncovered through your research on Paper 1 and/or 2. Use Hinman’s “moral ballpark” test (14) to determine if the topic you’re considering is a good focus for this essay. Continue your research through this new, more focused scope. Pay attention to how your sources “speak” to each other on this topic.

Is the essay thesis-driven? It should make and support a clearly articulated argument. Specifically, it should convincingly answer the following question—what, given your analysis of the situation and the ethical theories you apply/critique, is the morally right thing to do? In proving this central claim, your essay must:
Explain the moral dilemma, describing its ethical and/or moral dimensions (what places it “in the moral ballpark”?)
Explain the ethical theories from class that you will use to evaluate the choice/action
Evaluate decision(s) and outcome(s)—real and/or potential using the ethical theories from class
Your ethical analysis/argument must include a critique of your own claim (Though Kant would say X, Mill offers a different view…Even so, Kant is correct because…).
Is the essay aware of its own rhetorical situation? Through its content, organization, and style, the paper should reveal your attention to:
Your audience
Your purpose/goals
Is the essay clearly organized into cohesive, well-supported paragraphs that progress logically throughout the paper with clear transitions?
Paragraphs should utilize topic sentences and be fully developed with textual evidence and analysis to support your claim(s).
Textual evidence from Hinman
Textual evidence from at least 5 relevant, credible, task and audience appropriate sources beyond Hinman, 2 of which must come from peer reviewed journals. You may/should use relevant sources from Papers 1 and/or 2.
All textual evidence should be integrated into paragraphs smoothly and appropriately cited.
Is the essay written in a professional tone, using style and diction appropriate to your audience and our academic environment?
Is the essay edited for clarity and proofread carefully?
Formatted according to MLA style?
1500-1750 words

REMEMBER: Whenever and wherever you write/communicate—in this class, in any other class, or in the “real world” beyond our campus—you should rhetorically analyze your situation to help guide your writing. Your answers to these kinds of questions can help you make decisions about how to build and shape your writing to get the results you want.

Who is your audience?
What is your purpose?
Who are you as the author?
How does the context of this situation impact what you should/shouldn’t do in this essay?

i did wrote a draft that had been evaluated by the professor. please do this paper based on my draft ,and make changes based on the professor’s comments Thanks.! I wanna get A for this paper.

Please read my paper1 and paper 2 with the rubrics.

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