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Cuyamaca College The Role of Alternative Progressive Media Essay

Cuyamaca College The Role of Alternative Progressive Media Essay

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I’m working on a english writing question and need an explanation to help me understand better.

Hello my name is Dina i need help with my Essay please.

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In your outlining and drafting of this essay, read the prompt to see what it asks you to address. In essence, your paper should tell your readers what the progressive alternative media do (in what ways the media benefit the common citizen). So, each paragraph should be organized around that beneficial feature that distinguishes the independent media from the corporate propaganda. Your supporting evidence should come from the coverage of the strike by the progressive sources.

Keep in mind that one of the common mistakes in organizing this essay is focus on the criticism of the corporate media. Even though they deserve criticism, it is not your writing task. In a real-life setting, if someone is reading your essay, it implies that she or he is already disappointed in the mainstream media, which fail to report clearly and coherently and which fail to provide credible reasons why things happen the way they did. So, your writing task is to persuade these readers to turn to the progressive media, which are out of sight for many, and to build your case to show why it will be worth your readers’ while. Remember: there are all kinds of sources that interpret current events differently than The New York Times or CNN, but many of those sources are useless, “full of sound and fury / Signifying nothing,” to borrow the description from Shakespeare (Macbeth 5.5.27-28). Some of these sources rant with rage; some spit sarcastic venom, but they do not offer rational solutions that will help people reclaim decency and democracy. We just recently observed how the mainstream media floodlighted the mobs attacking monuments while the living “masters of mankind” continued accumulating wealth undisturbed. By contrast, your paper promotes rational and constructive reasoning and reliable sources. It promotes solidarity of all un(der)represented, not divisive identity politics, which pit one minority group against another to marginalize the population further.

Writing about the alternative news sources, you inevitably face the question: What should I do with the mainstream media; after all, alternative implies mainstream? Should I organize my essay in a comparison/contrast mode? The answer to the latter is no. Think about it this way: if you are telling someone how special that person is for you, you do not arrange your speech by focusing on how indifferent you are to someone else–that would sound odd, as if you still cannot get over your other relationship. Nor would you say it by using contrast as your supporting evidence: “You are such a caring person compared to my ex, who blah-blah-blah. . .” So support you claims about the independent media by what they do to benefit wage-earners (to whom you should refer as “citizens” or “the massive people” since readers will feel uncomfortable when identified as “working poor” and such–use your own instincts to decide which words won’t turn your readers off–people should not stereotype themselves: if I read these sources, I am some kind of gamma or delta. Instead, they should think about it this way: I am reading these sources because I value democracy and I want to experience democracy outside a TV screen too.) So, a solution to the question on top of this paragraph could be a very brief paragraph that offers a contrasting example from the mainstream media. For example, after a full paragraph that establishes the educating/ehlightening value of the independent sources, with plenty of specific supporting evidence, you may write: By contrast, Foxnews, in its Opinion section, propose to dissolve the union and to replace public schools with for-profit charter facilities, which will further deprive children of their right to comprehensive education as described by X and proved by recent data. (In each case you provide in-text citation to the referenced sources, without going into much detail. Readers will be able to access these sources and see for themselves.

Finally, do not argue the issue of the strike directly, whether the teachers were right or not. This is not your writing task. The coverage of the strike is your illustrative evidence of the benefits of trusting the independent media. You cannot just write that they tell the truth; you must give a specific example in the appropriate context: they present the original text of the teachers’ demands that the city denied, leaving strike as the last resort to resolve the issues. These demands could accessed by following a hyperlink in the article. Among their demands was . . .

These references to the strike require that you’ll need to provide some basic background facts about the event so that your readers will be able to follow your examples/evidence. My advice is to articulate your thesis and then develop your body paragraphs, using the necessary evidence from the coverage of the strike. Once the body of your argument is drafted, you can ask yourself what your readers need to know about the strike and the two types of the media (corporate/mainstream and progressive alternative/independent) to follow your writing comfortably. That will prompt you how much background information you must provide before stating your thesis. This means that you write the intro paragraph after the body of the essay is ready. After all, first comes the building, and then comes the porch, not the other way around. If you start your construction with a porch (just because you’re irrationally stubborn), you might end up trying to adjust the whole building to match your very special porch. It is a very frustrating thing to do, especially in summer.

Attached is a sample layout for this paper, which will illustrate the tips that I shared with you on this page. Feel free to integrate these offerings; you will still be responsible for providing specific evidence and so forth.COLLEGE COMPOSITION WITH A.S.KALUZHSKI:A SAMPLE ESSAY LAYOUTINTRODUCTION(drafted last): summarizes the teachers strikeand some of its relevant aspects,leading readersto the essay’s purpose and central claim/thesisTHESIS: The comprehensive coverage of the 2012 Chicago Teachers Strike by the progressive alternative media makes a strong case for these outlets as the prime sources on the matters that affect both individual citizens and the democracy at large.TOPIC SENTENCE ONETOPIC SENTENCE TWOTOPIC SENTENCE THREETOPIC SENTENCE FOURA truly representative democracy is grounded in the informed citizenry, and the progressive media tell the people what theyneed to know when a crisis break out. To that end, the progressive media do not spinthe facts as the mainstream media often do to push their corporatist agenda because the latterreport to their billionaire owners and investors while the formerrepresent the common people.Theprogressive media not only report the facts,but they also explain the causesof a crisis and its possible effectsfor the welfare of the working people. This way their coverage educatesthe citizens and informs their views and subsequently demands on existing policies. In addition, the democratically minded mediacritically evaluate propositionspromoted by the profitdriven news networks, exposing the interests behind such propositions and their negative impact on the common people.To promote democratic principles even further,progressive websites inform citizens about current political actions and campaigns, encouraging their involvement through direct participation, petitioning, donations, and so forth.evidencefrom the coverage of the 2012 Chicago Teachers Strike by the progressive media, with emphasis onthe accuracy and openness of their reporting(Mother Jones, et al.)a striking contrast example with the coverage by the corporatemedia (Foxnews, etc.)evidencefrom the coverage of the 2012 Chicago Teachers Strike by the progressive media, with focus on their rational reasoning in a relevant context (Giroux, Democracy Now!)a striking contrast example with the soundbitesin major newspapers and TV networks (NYT, CBS)evidencefrom the coverage of the 2012 Chicago Teachers Strike by the progressive media,with focus on their exposure of neoliberal “solutions” such as the dismantlement of teachers’unions and the establishment of charterschool alternative to public education (Gibson, Giroux, et al.)evidencefrom progressive websitesthat promote political activism and other forms of participatory democracy (The Nation, AlterNet, et al.)CONCLUSION: focuses on the importance and relevance of this argument to its readers who value truth and fairness and will benefit from them:Various people imply various views when they refer to the United States as Promised Land. Democracy is arguably one of those promises. Whether this promise will be fulfilled in the long run depends only on American people:our knowledge and our will to act on it. Democracy will not descend on our villages and cities from elsewhere; democracy must be learnt and fought for—here, in our homeland. And it is thesevigilantvoices that resonate as the vox populito remind us of our capability and responsibility to learn and fight for what we have learned—to reclaim this land foryou and me—forallof us.(assigned length: 1,500 words)

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