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CPCC High Rates of Obesity in The USA and North Carolina Argumentative Essay

CPCC High Rates of Obesity in The USA and North Carolina Argumentative Essay

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I’m working on a english project and need support to help me study.

Hello everyone!

Welcome to our final week in class! I am getting really excited to read your argument essays! Please remember that the argument essay is our final essay for our course and is worth 30% of your final grade. Make every effort to produce the best work you can for this important assignment.

There is no final exam. The final essay is our final assignment. (I feel like I’m saying “final” a million times…)

This Week – Revising and Editing Your Essay

This week, there is no Discussions assignment or any other assignment. Your primary goal is to revise and edit your final essay for next Monday’s submission.

As you are revising your work, please keep the assignment instructions in mind for your final essay:

You need to complete an argument paper that proves your topic is a problem in the USA and in North Carolina. You are going to show the following in your paper:

1. A specific claim that promotes your position (side) on how your topic/issue is a problem in Nationwide and in North Carolina – Remember, argument is based around the idea that people disagree and/or take various sides on an issue. You need to take a firm stand on how your topic is a problem in our country and our state. Do not simply state a fact, like, “There are many homeless people in North Carolina.” This is not an argument. It is a fact that has been proven with research. However, you could argue, “The increasing homeless population in NC is largely due to mental health issues that are not properly addressed because of state laws.”

2. Logical reasoning and evidence that prove your claim – You need to craft an organized and logical argument that proves your claim. You must present sound reasoning that is supported with scholarly, relevant and recent evidence. It is also important how your present this information, meaning the research you use should not take the place of your own writing. Remember, research is there to support YOUR reasoning, not take the place of it.

3. You understand opposing claims/points of view and can refute them – You need to show that you understand the varying points of view on your topic, and that you can analyze, paraphrase or summarize them. Also, you are able to refute these opposing claims using logic, reasoning and evidence (not simply stating that others are “wrong” in their opinion).

4. You understand your college-level audience and write to them in an objective, high style using clear, concise language – Even though this argument is based off your own opinion, you still need to write in a formal manner. Don’t use wording that “hedges” your argument, like, “I believe” and “I think.” Write in a confident tone. You are the authority of this argument. Do not rely on sources too much or have sources take over your essay. Your research should support your voice, not replace your voice as the authority in this argument. You want to continue to show that you have progressed in your writing through this semester. It should be clear, concise and virtually free of basic errors in grammar and mechanics.

5. You understand how to properly create a full citation and in-text citation using MLA or APA guidelines.

*To complete the assignment:

  • Write a four-page argument paper (not including your Works Cited page) that focuses on proving your topic is a problem in the US and in North Carolina
  • Use MLA or APA citation
  • Incorporate and properly cite a minimum of 5 sources – 2 of them MUST be new sources (not used in any of the previous writing assignments) and 2 MUST be from the library databases

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