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Communication Cyberbullies Cyber Victims & Cyber Bully Victims in Adolescents Essay

Communication Cyberbullies Cyber Victims & Cyber Bully Victims in Adolescents Essay

Question Description

I’m working on a communications Narrative Essay and need support to help me learn.

Select a Journal articles that deal with family Communication.

Follow the eight steps below. At this point, you may know exactly what your topic is. Use this assignment as an opportunity to investigate a subject that you think might be interesting.

First Step: You want to include your citation in APA format

Second Step: Write a summary of the article 150-200 words.

Third Step: The Focus (Main points) of the article.

Fourth Step: Key Words and definitions.

Step Five: Rationale (why the author conducted the study/ wrote the article).

Step Six: Participants and methods used in the study.

Step Seven: Findings and Theories.

Step Eight: Quotes and uses.

Here is an example you want to follow:

First Step: You want to include your citation in APA or MLA format

Beatty, M.J. & Valencic, K.M. (2000). Context-based apprehension versus planning demands: A common biological analysis of anticipatory public speaking anxiety. Communication Education, 49(1), 58-71.

Second Step: Write a summary (in your own words) of the article 150-200 words.

This study is concerned with communication apprehension. Beatty mentions three possible causes for CA: genetics, social learning, and inadequate skills. The article briefly describes the history of various CA theories. He maintains that much of the genetic work involving twins was not initially handled properly which resulted in too much emphasis on social learning and skills acquisition. The common biological model of communication that this study proposes sees CA as a mostly genetic response to communication. The authors’ study is designed to measure the apprehension caused by speech preparation. Participants were required to deliver two presentations to their classes. One assignment had a large preparation component, and the other had very basic requirements. The researchers tested the apprehension associated with the different speeches and found very little difference in the apprehension. The results according to the researchers diminish the influence of skills acquisition and further develop the common biological model.

Third Step: The Focus (Main points) of the article.

  • *****Addresses comm. Anxiety-Proposes a theory of genetic origin.
  • ***** explains the causes of CA- genetics
  • * deals with the specific manifestations of anxiety- no definition of specific physicality is presented.
  • * Offers solutions- Being genetic does not offer any practical solutions.

Fourth Step: Key Words and definitions.

anticipatory public speaking anxiety- People with high CA will experience discomfort in the planning of a speaking event.

communication skills acquisitions- The learning of public speaking techniques (e.g., outlining, research, verbal and nonverbal skills that help to create a clear message).

communication apprehension – tendency to avoid communication if possible in order to not suffer a variety of anxiety-type feelings. P 58.

Step Five: Rationale (why the author conducted the study/ wrote the article).

to investigate the anxiety felt prior to the performance and to see if it is caused by inadequate skills.

Step Six: Participants and methods used in the study.

Participants: 63 undergraduate students (37 female; 26 male) Two classes participated.

Method: students were given two speaking assignments with differing preparation requirements, one rigorous and one simplified. They filled out surveys discussing the degree of anxiety that each assignment provided.

Step Seven: Findings and Theories.

Findings- students felt similar anxiety regardless of the assignment. They felt the same amount of apprehension with simple and difficult tasks.

Theories mentioned-genetic inheritance theory, communication skills acquisition theory, communication trait theory, common biological theory (consistent with trait theory), skills deficit theory.

Theoretical Perspective- The researchers see communication as primarily an inherited trait which needs to study further to change the methods used to reduce anxiety. They suggest that visualization may assist in anxiety reduction.

Step Eight: Quotes and uses.

Useful Quotes- “planning skills did not significantly affect anxiety experienced immediately preceding a performance” (p.67). “More research into innovative approaches such as visualization is needed” (p.69).

How can/will I use this article- This study is useful in presenting an alternative point of view. It offers a historical perspective on the study of communication anxiety. I am hoping that the extensive bibliography that accompanies this piece will yield more usable material. This study is quantitative which may offer a nice counterpoint to the qualitative pieces in the review of the literature.


Attached is the first article you did for me, just do exactly like that one.

You have to choose the academic article from the second attachment (Outline), which you just did for me.

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