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Colorado Technical University Gangs and Delinquency Report

Colorado Technical University Gangs and Delinquency Report

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I’m working on a criminal justice question and need a sample draft to help me study.

Studies denote that young individuals affiliated with gangs or delinquent groups establish the highest rates of juvenile delinquency (Bouchard & Spindler, 2010). Furthermore, higher levels of consistency in delinquent behaviour have been found among individuals in a gang compared to non-gang members. The organizational level existing in gangs and delinquent groups is significant in explaining the relationship between delinquency and membership. Young individuals may exist in isolation, undergo adverse psychological effects, and portray minimal traits of becoming increasingly delinquent. The central aspect to be considered in delinquent groups and gangs is the element of the group becoming organized centrally to some point where decisions are made, and everyone follows regardless of the actions to be completed and their consequences (Maxson & Matsuda, 2011). Membership in a delinquent group amplifies delinquency subject to the group dynamics and will often diminish when the member leaves the group. Organizational features in the delinquent group will project all the members’ actions collectively.

As seen in the case study, Sarah Johnson is significantly affected by the different environments that she finds herself in. At the age of 14, she runs from home and finds a group in similar situations in the nearby city. To add to the intensity of the possible delinquent behaviour of the group, the group is slightly older, displaying how significantly they will affect Sarah Johnson’s level of delinquent behaviours. Through the relationship between gang membership or becoming a member of a delinquent group, criminal behaviour is enhanced, and the tendency to commit severe crimes is also heightened (Bouchard & Spindler, 2010). Concerning Sarah’s situation, she quickly becomes susceptible to increased delinquent behaviours to the point she is caught shoplifting. Moreover, after reporting to school, she struggles to catch up with other students and reconnects with her delinquent friends. Her delinquent friends further expose her to vandalism and drug abuse.

The proximity towards being a gang member significantly influences the personality outcome, especially for a girl. As indicated in the case study, Sarah Johnson ends up having a boyfriend with whom they sell and use drugs. Such situations expose her to adverse conditions such as becoming the victim of a sexual or physical assault and abuse. Her boyfriend is the first possible victimizer. Secondly, because she is not receiving adequate psychological and clinical aid, she is prone to be diagnosed or develop anxiety, Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and depression (Battin, 2000). These complications will result from her increased delinquent behaviours, and she may carry out some regrettable actions and adversely impact life. The finality of the challenges that she may face is early-unplanned pregnancy, graduating to criminal levels, and being convicted.

The challenges could be addressed in multiple ways depending on the magnitude of the impact on behaviour and emotional response. In the case of undergoing sexual or physical assault, it is prudent to receive aid from social counsellors who provide methods and programs that enable women to cope with their trauma. Furthermore, as she is prone to develop psychological complications mainly, she should receive mental health services that are also trauma-informed. School connectedness could also aid in reducing some of the adverse impacts. Sarah’s school connectedness could be enhanced by addressing her family relationships; in this case, her uncle and aunt should offer a conducive and communicative environment.A communicative environment reduces the adverse impacts of anxiety and depression as values can be shared within family members.


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