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CJ 624 University of Mississippi Criminal Behavior Criminal Justice Discussion

CJ 624 University of Mississippi Criminal Behavior Criminal Justice Discussion

Question Description

I’m working on a writing report and need guidance to help me learn.

  • The exam is comprised of 4 essay questions. Expect each response to be about 2-5 pages in length.
  • All exams will be checked for plagiarism through SafeAssign.

Instructions for the Exam:

  1. Read all questions carefully. Make sure to respond to all parts of the question.
  2. Use APA format (e.g., Times New Roman, 12-point font, double-spaced, one-inch margins).
  3. Each question response should start on a new page.
  4. Use headings and subheadings where appropriate in APA style.
  5. Include APA formatted in-text citations.
  6. Cite and discuss all relevant materials from the course to address each question.
  7. Include a full list of APA references at the end of each question.
  8. Submit your responses in either a Word (.doc, .docx) or PDF (.pdf) format. Exams submitted in any other format may result in zero points.
  9. 8 pages total basically

Question 1

Discuss the different theories that could explain the away the link between race and criminal behavior. Explain the role of economic disparity, concentrated disadvantage, and spatial and social isolation in the racial difference in criminal behavior.

Question 2

Despite Gottfredson and Hirschi being mentors of Laub and Sampson, the theory of the latter departs substantially from Gottfredson and Hirschi’s general theory. Describe how the theory developed by Gottfredson and Hirschi differs from that of Laub and Sampson. Explain how Gottfredson and Hirschi, from the vantage point of their general theory, would likely criticize the perspective of Sampson and Laub (or Laub and Sampson).

Question 3

Deterrence and labeling theory offer two contradictory positions on the effects of legal punishments. Describe these two theories and discuss how they differ. Explain the evolution of deterrence and rational choice theory, from early classical school to later developments and reconceptualization’s. When is a criminal sanction most likely to lead to defiance as opposed to deterrence? How do the labeling theories inform criminal justice policy? What changes in criminal justice must be made to have a more effective system?

Question 4

There is some skepticism about the ability of criminological theory and research to impact criminal just police or practice. Your town has been experiencing a recent increase in crime. The chief of police and mayor have invited you as a consultant to address this problem. Identify the potential underlying causes of crime in your community using a macro and a micro level theoretical perspective you believe best explains the issue. Then, identify or develop a crime prevention policy or program informed by one or more theoretical perspective. Justify your response.

Grading Rubric

Criteria Below Expectations
0 – 79%
80 – 89%
90 – 100%
(25 points)
Student has missed one or more questions or did not fully address all parts of the questions. Little to no effort to incorporate or cite relevant course materials. Student answers all questions, but may not fully address all parts of each question. Most responses incorporate and cites relevant course material, but may be missing a couple key sources. Student answers all questions and each response addresses all parts of the question fully and completely. Responses incorporates and cites all relevant course materials to answer question, including textbook, articles, and lectures, etc. Responses includes specific references and examples from the materials.
(25 points)
Includes multiple inaccuracies. Does not demonstrate comprehension of materials. There are clear gaps in knowledge. Most information is accurate. Responses mostly demonstrate comprehension of knowledge of relevant readings, but may not clearly articulate one or more key concepts, theories, or issues. Information in responses is accurate. Responses effectively demonstrates comprehension of knowledge of relevant readings, and expertly articulates key concepts, theories, and issues related to the field.
Application & Analysis
(25 points)
Mostly summarizes with not synthesis of information. Student fails to draw meaningful connections between readings, concepts, or modules. Student tends to summarize more than synthesize information. Student mostly provides meaningful elaboration and draws some connections between materials, concepts, and module issues. Responses synthesizes knowledge to address the question. Student effectively uses course materials to provide meaningful elaboration and successfully draws connections between materials, concepts, and module issues.
(15 points)
Response are disorganized and difficult to follow. Reponses mostly flow logically, but may also include some tangents or disorganized thoughts. Response has a logical flow and clear organizational structure. Evidence of planning and intention of response structure before writing
Style & Mechanics
(10 points)
Does not follow APA format. Has multiple grammatical, spelling and citation errors. Mostly follows APA formatting, but may have some mistakes. A few grammatical, spelling and citation errors. Most response are clear and concise. Response follows APA format, including in-text citations and reference list. Writing is free from grammatical, spelling, and citation errors. Responses are written in a clear and concise manner.

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