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CIS 500 Strayer University Wk 3 Dealing with Shadow IT Systems Essay

CIS 500 Strayer University Wk 3 Dealing with Shadow IT Systems Essay

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The CEO’s Challenge

Use the Week 3 Assignment Template to complete this assignment.

Choose a company to base this paper on. You may use a current or former employer, but do not disclose anything confidential. Or, you can pick another organization if you are familiar with their internal (not customer-facing) information systems. You can disguise the organization and populate it with famous names. Made-up companies are problematic because of the amount of detail and realism they require.

You’ve just left an all-hands meeting at this company. The CEO was very upset at the rise of shadow IT projects, a major indicator that the company’s internal information system has failed to meet its needs. Because the current information system is inadequate, inefficient, and outdated, the CEO is inviting everyone in the organization to propose a new operational, decision support, or enterprise information system to replace it. The executives have allocated $5 million to fund the most promising idea.

This is your chance to make a difference in the company (not to mention your own career). Write your proposal as a memo that the entire C-suite will review. Include at least these points, in your own words, to be persuasive:

  1. Identify the main functions of your proposed information system and why they are important to the business.
  2. Describe what types of data your information system will hold and how data quality will be ensured.
  3. Explain how the old information system handles the functions you mentioned, the problems that occur, and why your information system will handle things better.
  4. Offer evidence of feasibility: Show that similar information systems have been built successfully and that they save more money than they cost.

The executives are busy, so keep your memo to 1–4 pages and avoid any extraneous content.

This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards. For assistance and information, please refer to the Strayer Writing Standards link in the left-hand menu of your course.

The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is:

  • Develop an information systems solution to address an organizational problem.



Hi Lukeldic,


Please use all the information below to help improve your grade. Please do not leave any part out.


You are more than welcome to call me at 239-766-9045 to discuss if you require assistance.


Please select a single IT Shadow Project to focus on…clearly Identify the unauthorized software/activity on the organization’s IT System in the Introduction. For example, employees using an unauthorized cloud site to download data, or perhaps using a database installed on a workstation. Either would not be sanctioned by the IT Department. There are three ways to remove a Shadow IT as described above: 1) The IT Department adopts the technology; 2) Find a better alternative and adopt it, or 3) Remove the unauthorized hardware/software/activity. Also, use the template for the assignment. The template is directly connected to the grading rubric. Removing an area will cause a zero to be entered in the area removed.


Please use the text book to assist with Data Management and Data Types. Feasibility requires costs.


Please use the grading rubric to assist with the updated version of the paper. Also, take a look at the videos I provided in the BlackBoard Announcements to help. I go into more detail in the various videos. There is also an update template in the same announcement.


Now view the video response to your submission in Feedback to Learner.




Dr. Manning


Please use the mandatory templates. The templates can be found by selecting the blue hyperlink in the assignment.


This is a self-contained course. All support information for this course is contained in the Textbook, Discussions, Weekly Lectures, and Announcement Section of Blackboard.


Resubmit your paper after updating it with the Mandatory Template. FYI – We want everyone to get the best grade possible. We found grades are a lot higher when students use the Mandatory Template and follow the instructions in the comments on the right side. The instructions match up with the memo. Please review the video above for additional instructions.I appreciate your taking the time to review my feedback on this final discussion of the term.

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