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Ashford University Implementation of the Affordable Care Act Discussion

Ashford University Implementation of the Affordable Care Act Discussion

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Health Care Finance 4370-70 Course Final
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) became law in 2010. Since that time, the healthcare industry has wrestled with the implications of the Act including compliance with all of the many provisions. While the full financial impact has not yet been realized, several of the provisions have already brought major changes to the industry including insurance plan offerings, delivery modality changes, and issues related to access to care (just to name a few). Currently, the fate of the ACA is up in there air. The most likely outcome (in my opinion) is that the ACA will be replaced, but that several of the provisions will be salvaged and incorporated into the replacement legislation.
For your final in this course, I wanted to provide you with an opportunity to read through a summary of the major provisions of this landmark legislation and apply some creative license to choose five (5) of the current provisions included in the Act that you feel would merit a place in any new legislation to replace the ACA. (Note: One provision that has been amended is the individual mandate requiring everyone to have health insurance. In the new tax act passed late in 2017, the mandate remains, but the tax penalty for non-compliance has been removed effective for 2019.) I have posted a “Summary of the Affordable Care Act” by the Kaiser Family Foundation. Your assignment is to read through the summary and select five specific provisions that you feel should be carried forward into any new replacement legislation. Write a paper that summarizes the five provisions that you have selected including an explanation as to why you feel each one should be preserved and used in the new health care legislation. For each provision that you pick, include an example of what it would look like under the new law. You will need to do some additional reading on the topics you pick and cite your resources. In the conclusion section of your paper, express your opinion on the overall direction that any new legislation needs to focus on, i.e. how do you feel that it will improve the healthcare industry / U.S. economy or will it have a detrimental financial effect. Make sure to support your opinion.
As with any writing assignment, a portion of your grade will be based on a demonstration of your business writing skills. An effective paper must be grammatically and syntactically correct, including correct spelling and punctuation. Your final grade on this assignment can be reduced by up to 15% for mistakes in this area (as the professional reports you will be expected to prepare in the “real-world” will reflect back on you). I have posted some material and links to provide you with resources in writing your paper. The paper should be double-spaced with a font size of 12. I do not prescribe a page count, but typical papers of this type will have at least 3 to 5 pages, not counting citations, in order to appropriately convey the information. Your paper must include an introduction, body, summary and a bibliography for your cited sources.

Important to note that while you are allowed, even encouraged to use any and all resources available to you, you must not forget the strictures surrounding academic integrity. As such, you must cite, where appropriate, all of your sources and avoid plagiarism. Failure to do so will be construed as academic dishonesty and result in the appropriate actions. Make sure to review your Originality report in Turnitin (you can submit your paper in order to review the originality report and then you can resubmit the paper if you determine there are edits to be made). I am looking for your original work, therefore, please limit the amount of quoted material you include in the paper.
Your grade on this course final will be allocated as follows:
15% Use of Appropriate Writing Skills, i.e. grammar, punctuation, & spelling. 20% Organization and Structure of the paper, i.e. paper flows well with good transitions; writing is logically organized.
50% Content and Development, i.e. content is comprehensive, accurate, and persuasive; major points are stated clearly and are well supported; content indicates synthesis of ideas and evidences original thought and support for the topics.
15% Format, i.e. paper meets assignment requirements and evidences attention to detail; correctly assembled with a professional look.

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