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Arapahoe Community College Drugs and Narcotics in Colombia Question

Arapahoe Community College Drugs and Narcotics in Colombia Question


For this paper you will be writing a geographical overview of a sub-topic relevant to any country that interests you!(List of All Countries And Sub Topic Options In File Upload)

Minimum of 10 resources are required for this paper. Some useful resources include; news articles; peer-reviewed journal articles; library books; The CIA World Factbook; and official government websites (not Wikipedia). 

Seek to make close connections to globalization!

Step 1. Choose a country

Step 2. Choose one sub-topic

Step 3. Optimize three relevant sub-issues and organize into sub-sections

  • Each sub-issue should be a single sub-section (with heading) in your paper!

Step 4. Make sure the paper consists of all the sections listed below:

  • An Introduction
  • A methodology section
  • A minimum of three sub-sections discussing three interesting (yet interconnected) issues, categories, phenomena, or themes you wish to address related to your chosen country and selected sub-topic.
  • A discussion or conclusion connecting the themes discussed.
  • References or Bibliography

Step 5. Images and Figures (Optional)

Step 6. Resources and Citation Style

A Suggested Paper OutlineIntroduction (2 pages)

Tell us about your paper, your country, and why chosen?

  • What country is your paper about?
  • Describe your country briefly (where it is; what is it’s human geography like; why it’s important; why it may be in the news; what it is famous for; why we do/don’t hear much about it; etc.)
  • Provide a brief historical section introducing your country.
  • Provide a brief geographical description of your country.
  • Why did you choose to write about this country?
  • What will you be discussing about that country?
  • What is your thesis statement? (i.e. do you have an argument or goal in this paper?)
  • What will be convered (or not covered) in this paper?
  • Why is this topic important?
  • Does this paper have any connection to globalization? If yes, introduce it here!

Methodology (1 page) Briefly describe what resources you used to write this paper.

  • What methods did you use to write this paper? Writing in first-person works!
  • What sources made this paper possible?
  • Where did you get these sources?
  • Were there any challenges in “data collection”?
  • Are their any weaknesses in the paper? There always are!

Analysis (5 pages) This is by far the largest and most important section of your paper!

  • This is the largest section(s) of the paper. Here you analyze, compare, discuss at least three key findings or topics related to what you chose above in section number two.
  • Create separate sub-headings or sections for each finding (see the example of South Africa in the top-most paragraph!)
  • Connect your analysis with key themes from the text or lecture slides to strengthen your discussion!
  • Connect you analysis to any features of globalization you can think of!

Globalization? (2 pages) ? Describe if the paper’s topic has anything to do with globalization.

  • Some topics will be much more related to globalization than others. But most topics will have a connection.
  • Describe globalization very briefly and excplain how your paper connects to globalization today.
  • If globalization influences your paper’s topic, doyou feel that globalization has been a benefit or a hinderance to your country and the topics written about?

Discussion or Conclusion (2 pages) ? summarize your paper and conclude with key points.

  • Organize your thoughts and make connections to the key findings in your previous section (the analysis) here.
  • What was most interesting?
  • What did you learn?
  • What might future research tell us about your paper topic?
  • How might you resolve some of the issues (if any)?
  • What can your country do to prevent improve a challenge faced?
  • Conclude the paper with clarity!


  • Each paper must have a references, works cited or bibliography section at the end!

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