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HAS 3110 Rasmussen College Preparation for Whooping Cough Outbreak Presentation

HAS 3110 Rasmussen College Preparation for Whooping Cough Outbreak Presentation

Question Description

Deliverable 7 – Prepare for a Whooping Cough Outbreak


  • Apply major organizational perspectives and theories to real problems facing health services organizations.
  • Identify concepts in organizational decisions, strategic alliances, and managing efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Analyze decisions that impact the healthcare delivery system.
  • Analyze leadership challenges in healthcare.
  • Analyze operational decisions of healthcare organizations and the impact on business performance outcomes.
  • Apply principles of organizational learning, innovation, and change in healthcare organizations.


Public health problems are diverse and can include infectious diseases, chronic diseases, emergencies, injuries, environmental health problems, as well as other health threats. The following project will allow you to demonstrate your ability and skill in applying major organizational healthcare theories, innovation, and change concepts that impact leaders and the decisions they make when facing operational challenges in the healthcare industry.


Acting as the president of a local hospital in an economical and socially deprived county in the US, you have just received a phone call from the state’s CDC office advising the hospital of an outbreak of Whooping Cough. As of now, a majority of the state is being affected by the outbreak and resources are becoming scarce. Your hospital is the only medical center that serves the county. Based on trends and tracking, the CDC believes that your county in which can expect a major increase in patients in the next 48-72 hours with the disease. As the president of the 300-bed hospital which serves a diverse population of 50,000 citizens, it is the president’s responsibility to create a plan of action to help address and treat patients of the county who might become ill in the next 48-72 hours.

The first task you will undertake is to research the disease, its course of treatments, and cures to help effectively treat the potential outbreak. Once you have done so, you will create a presentation that you can give to the county board and CDC showing how your hospital will combat the disease, treat patients, and develop strategies to prevent the spread of the outbreak.

As the president, you will need to work with internal and external vendors on ensuring that the hospital has enough resources and that more resources can be ordered and delivered as quickly as possible. You will need to reach out to and gain assistance from other healthcare organizations in the area to help you track, treat, and control the spread of the disease. As the leader of the hospital, you will have to make decisions on how to properly manage the shortage of beds, doctors and nurses, and resources that may occur due to the outbreak.


Create an executive summary addressing how best to successfully manage the problem outlined in the scenario. This plan has two parts. First is the executive summary followed by a PowerPoint presentation with audio.

Step 1 – Write an Executive Summary covering the following:

  • Develop an action plan to share with the hospital staff and CDC local office to address and contain the outbreak in an effective and efficient manner at the hospital.
  • Outline the process of developing alliances and partnerships to help treat and contain the outbreak through the use of efficient and effective approaches to the healthcare delivery systems.
  • Analyze the organizational decisions needed to be undertaken as a leader; that would play a part in addressing and containing the outbreak along with the use of limited resources.
  • Determine the best leadership style to use to effectively bring together multiple departments and agencies to work together as one team in containing and treating the outbreak.
  • Summarize innovative processes needed to address the outbreak given the shortage of resources and time to implement a strategy.
  • Outline any ethical considerations that should be addressed as part of the strategy in treating and containing the outbreak due to the shortage of resources such as money, manpower, and medicine.
  • Write a conclusion on the process changes needed to help improve reaction time and containment from the standpoint of the hospital.

Step 2 – Create a PowerPoint presentation with audio

As president of the hospital, you will need to create and record a 5-minute presentation using PowerPoint made up of at least 12 slides covering your findings and suggestions in dealing with the outbreak and containment of the disease. The presentation will be presented to local health officials including the officials from the counties identified by the CDC. Therefore the style of the presentation needs to be formal. You may use applications such as Screencast-O-Matic (research for tutorial videos if needed) to record your presentation.


NOTE – APA formatting for the References slide and proper grammar, punctuation, and form are required. APA help is available from this link – APA.

If you are new to creating a PowerPoint presentation, visit the following free tutorial websites:

Grading Rubric

0 1 2 3 4
Not Submitted No Pass Competence Proficiency Mastery
Not Submitted Executive summary did not fully address the problem and failed to discuss issues that arise from the undertaking of treating and containing the outbreak. Executive summary addressed the problem and touched on several areas of concerns that might arise in the undertaking of treating and containing the outbreak. Executive summary addressed the problem and provided an expansive list of an issue arising from treating and contained the outbreak but does not provide much detail. Executive summary explained in detail the problem to be addressed and the issues that arise from the treatment and containment of the outbreak. Powerpoint highlights key areas of the problem.
Not Submitted Executive summary outlined the importance of teamwork in addressing the outbreak. It did not go into detail how to create and manage the teams needed to address problems and delivery of resources to deal with the outbreak. Executive summary outlined the importance of cross-functionality of teams but failed to touch on all areas needed to address the outbreak and manage work teams. Executive summary discussed and outlined the importance of cross-functionality of teams. Discussion the importance to the outbreak is limited in nature. Executive summary discussed and outlined the importance of cross-functionality of teams, departments, and vendors in addressing and treating the outbreak.
Not Submitted Executive summary discussed the decisions to needed to be made but does not apply them to the organization or cover the leadership styles needed to successful manage the out outbreak. Executive summary discussed the importance of organizational decisions and briefly touches on how those decisions are affected by leadership system and the need for buy-in of different teams. Executive summary discussed the importance of organizational decisions needed to address the outbreak, briefly covers leadership system used to manage and make decisions regarding the organization. Executive summary discussed the importance of organizational decisions needed to address the outbreak and the best leadership style to gain the buy-in of departments and work teams.
Not Submitted Conclusion provided a brief summary of the outcome. It failed to address changes to process or a review of the outbreak and organizational decisions and results during the outbreak. Conclusion provides a brief summary of the outcome and an outline of changes without details needed to process. Conclusion was well thought out and provided some plan details on changes needed to process. Conclusion; provided a well thought out conclusion with details on the process and decisions needed to treat and contain the outbreak.
Not Submitted No formal style in presentation and the Executive summary through-out the project. Formal style was apparent in some parts of the executive summary and recorded presentation but not maintained throughout. Formal style was reflected in the majority of the executive summary and recording. Formal style was present in presentation and the Executive summary through-out the project.

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